Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 32


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23

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The Baroque VS 32 Shawl is an exquisite creation that draws admirers wherever it goes. Crafted from luxurious velvet fabric, this piece is ideal for Pakistani weddings and festive events; its delicate floral embroidery, tassels, and small triangle lace embellishment add a special touch. Part of our collections shawls collection.

Embellishment Details

This exquisite velvet shawl features gorgeous floral embroidery intricately woven into its fabric. This embroidery serves to elevate its overall appearance further while also adding an element of elegance. Additionally, its playful touches of tassels and tiny triangle lace on its edges add a bit of playfulness that balances out its sophistication.

Color Details

This shawl comes in dark brown hues for added elegance and sophistication, perfect for any special event and enhancing the beauty of its wearer.

Design Details

A shawl is an ideal accessory to make an impactful statement at any event, instantly drawing the eye of anyone who sees it and providing ample coverage and warmth on chillier evenings. The long and wide proportions make the shawl an excellent way to do that!

Fabric Details

The Velvet Fabric used to craft this shawl is of superior quality, adding an extravagant feel. Soft to the touch yet providing comforting warmth, velvet is ideal for festive events and drapes beautifully over any ensemble.


This VS 32 shawl is ideal for Pakistani wedding wear and festive occasions, showcasing its rich culture and traditions as an exquisite finishing touch to traditional outfits.


Are you searching for an elegant and sophisticated shawl to complete your Pakistani wedding look or festive celebrations? Look no further! The Baroque VS 32 Shawl is designed to do precisely that – featuring intricate floral embroidery, tassels, tiny triangle lace, and high-quality velvet fabric construction – making this piece truly an extraordinary masterpiece. Wear one at your next event to make a bold statement and look fabulous on every occasion!