Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 39


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23

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Baroque presents their exquisite collections of shawls with a stunning velvet embroidered shawl called the VS 39. Ideal for Pakistani wedding wear and festive events, this lovely piece boasts exceptional details and fine craftsmanship – its subtle contrast of black colors against floral embroidery creates the ideal balance of elegance and sophistication that makes this a prized possession for any fashionista.


This Velvet shawl features floral embroidery crafted to exacting standards, with precise attention paid to every petal and leaf, creating an exquisite and harmonious pattern. In addition, an embroidered patti adds extra glamour. Furthermore, tiny pearls add a subtle shine that further makes this an alluring piece.


This shawl is crafted of Velvet, known for its luxurious feel. The material drapes beautifully and creates an exquisite flow; additionally, it keeps you warm on cold evenings! With luxurious fabric combined with fine details such as buttons and threading, this piece makes an investment piece you will wear repeatedly.


A floral embroidered velvet shawl is a highly versatile item. It can be styled in various ways to achieve multiple looks. Wrapping it around your shoulders adds glamour while draping it over an elegant black dress creates contemporary flair. Furthermore, its use as a statement piece for casual events makes this an excellent addition to your night-out ensemble!


Baroque’s collection of shawls features an exquisite and captivating velvet embroidered shawl, the VS 39. With exquisitely detailed embroidery adorning its luxurious soft velvet fabric and alluring black hue – every woman would cherish this masterpiece. Perfect for Pakistani weddings and festive events, its versatility elevates it into the ideal piece for your wardrobe collection.