Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 43


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23

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Baroque Collections Shawls are designed to add sophistication and glamour to any outfit. These intricately embroidered velvet shawls make an eye-catching statement at any Pakistani wedding or festive event and come bearing our VS 43 product name, reflecting its superior quality. In this article, we detail their design, embellishments, color, and fabric.


Our shawls are handcrafted from premium velvet fabric for maximum softness and comfort. Their plan was inspired by traditional Pakistani shawls, featuring generous length and width measurements to allow easy donning or draping over shoulders or around the neck as desired by each wearer.


The Baroque Collection Shawls are beautifully embellished with floral embroidery, tiny pearls, and embroidered patches crafted by skilled artisans to reflect nature’s beauty. Pearls add a touch of elegance, while the patches add depth and texture.


The VS 43 black color of this shawl was carefully chosen to complement any outfit and skin tone, adding sophistication and style. Additionally, this deep and rich hue allows any embellishments that stand out to stand out without overshadowing other parts of an ensemble.


The Velvet Fabric used for Baroque Collections Shawls has been carefully chosen to complement their design and embellishments. Soft yet comfortable and long-wearing, velvet adds an air of luxury. It provides ample coverage at formal events or occasions.


Shawls are ideal for Pakistani wedding wear and festive events, reflecting its beauty and elegance with every design, embellishment, fabric selection, and color choice carefully chosen to reflect Pakistani culture. Pairing one of these shawls with any outfit, from traditional Pakistani dresses to contemporary Western attire, makes it an essential piece in any wardrobe.


 Baroque Collections Shawls are an ideal addition to any wardrobe. Their distinctive design, embellishments, colors, and fabric make them must-haves for Pakistani wedding wear and festive events. Versatile yet comfortable and durable, wear it year after year without loss in quality! The VS 43 product name is a testament to this premium shawl’s superiority on the market – add some glamour with Baroque Collections Shawls today.