Embroidered Velvet Shawl – VS 45


Brand: Baroque
Shawl Collection 23

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Baroque, one of the leading names in fashion, has delivered yet another exquisite collection for all fashionistas. Their latest “Collections Shawls” is ideal for looking stunning and elegant on special occasions; many fashion enthusiasts have taken notice of one shawl in particular: the VS 45 has particularly caught our eye! Let’s dive deeper into its details to discover why it stands out so beautifully from other options.


The VS 45 Shawl by VSA Designs exudes luxury and sophistication. It boasts intricate floral embroidery, tiny pearls, and an embroidered patch. Patti detailing adds the perfect finishing touch to an already stunning design, while its exquisite embroidery pattern bears testament to a designer’s creativity and skill. A must-have piece in your wardrobe!


Dimensiuni, The VS 45 Shawl, is available in black for maximum elegance and glamour, perfect for Pakistani weddings or festive events. Its beautiful contrast between color and intricate detailing makes this piece the ideal finishing touch for any ensemble.


Soft Velvet The VS 45 Shawl is crafted of luxurious velvet fabric that feels amazing against your skin. Not only does this shawl offer warmth and comfort, but its style also remains undiminished during colder weather – a scarce combination in fashion today!


The VS 45 Shawl was created for Pakistani wedding wear or any festive occasion. This versatile piece can complete your look at any formal wear dress and add the final flourish to any ensemble – be it a family gathering or wedding ceremony, you will always look your best when wearing this unique ethnic piece!


Overall, the VS 45 shawl is an indispensable piece for any special event or wedding, thanks to its intricate detailing, luxurious fabric, and stunning hue. With elegant yet sophisticated elements that match any formal ensemble perfectly – perfect for impressing all with your fashion sense – get your own today and step up your fashion game!