Embroidered Twill – WS23-D4


Brand: Zara Shahjahan
Embroidered Twill
Collection: Winter Shawl 2023

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Zara Shahjahan Presents Winter Shawl 23 Collection: 

Zara Shahjahan’s WS23-D4 Winter Shawl Frock Suit combines classic elegance and modern sophistication, making you the star of every wedding and festive event you attend! Crafted especially for Pakistani ladies living in America, this breathtaking ensemble will ensure that you stand out as the center of attention at any celebration or wedding event you attend.

Exquisite Details and Outstanding Craftsmanship.

Artisans have meticulously handcrafted every detail of the WS23-D4 suit, from its intricate floral embroidery to its elegant thread tassels and delicate pearls. Additionally, this ensemble boasts an embroidered twill yoke, shirt, and sleeves featuring an embellished neckline, creating an opulent feel and heightening your festive spirits!

Comfort and Opulence Together.

The WS23-D4 suit features an exquisite orange embroidered acrylic shawl featuring an ornate shawl pallu that makes for the ideal look on cold winter nights. Pair this masterpiece with plain twill trousers featuring an embroidered trouser border for added luxury, and wear the whole ensemble in style!

Capturing the Essence of Pakistani Heritage

Embodying the richness and warmth of Pakistani heritage, this Orange-hued Frock Suit is made from comfortable twill fabric that will keep you cozy while celebrating your roots. Plus, acrylic shawl and trouser fabrics add durability for extra enjoyment!

Celebrate in Grand Style

As soon as you don the WS23-D4 Winter Shawl Frock Suit, you will exude grace and poise at every wedding or festive event. Your peers will marvel at its intricate detailing and luxurious styling, making this ensemble an absolute must-have in every wardrobe.

Unleash Your Enticing Charm

Unleash your elegant beauty in style with the Zara Shahjahan WS23-D4 Winter Shawl Frock Suit from Zara. Experience Pakistani culture through every stitch while increasing your style quotient today! Don’t wait – order now to experience its timeless allure.

Why choose WS23-D4?

Welcome the WS23-D4, an elegant frock suit created for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA. Designed with traditional embroidery techniques combined with contemporary fashion trends, it makes an eye-catching statement piece at any special event or celebration.

The intricate embroidery on this twill yoke, shirt, and sleeves will capture any viewer’s attention, while its matching neckline and trouser border add an elegant finishing touch.

Don’t miss out on this stunning acrylic shawl from Zara Shahjahan‘s Winter Shawl 23 collection; choose WS23-D4 now and experience luxury like never before! It features an exquisite embroidered pallu embellished with patti thread tassels and pearls for an added layer of sophistication.

And don’t forget plain twill trousers – their crisp white fabric provides a striking contrast against the vibrant orange colors of the dress and dupatta fabrics! Don’t miss out – choose Zara Shahjahan’s Winter Shawl 23 collection now to experience luxury like never before!