Embroidered Khaddar – WUW22E30096



Fabric/Labels: Khaddar
Color: Green
Collection: Winter Collection 2023 V-1
Type: Embroidered
Dupatta: Khaddar Dupatta
Print Type: Digital Print

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Zellbury has once again outdone itself with its latest winter collection, and WUW22E30096 is definitely one of the standout pieces. This gorgeous green ensemble is made from the luxurious khaddar fabric, which is ideal for braving the winter season. The digital print on the shirt’s front, back, and sleeves is nothing short of breathtaking. At the same time, the embroidered details add an extra touch of elegance.

Fabric and Color

Khaddar is known for its durability and warmth, making it the perfect choice for chilly days. It is a traditional Pakistani fabric that has been used for centuries, and Zellbury has incorporated it into its latest collection in a stunning way. The green color of WUW22E30096 is deep and rich, adding a pop of color to your winter wardrobe.

Collection and Type

This particular ensemble is part of Zellbury’s Winter Collection 2023 V-1. As one of the most popular collections of the season, it is no wonder that this piece has made it to the top of everyone’s wish list. The type of ensemble is embroidered, which is perfect for those who love intricate and elegant details.

Dupatta and Print Type

The khaddar dupatta that comes with this ensemble is the perfect match for the shirt and shalwar. Its digital print is a work of art with intricate patterns and designs that are sure to turn heads. The digital print type is perfect for those who want to mix traditional and modern styles while still staying true to their roots.

Product Details

WUW22E30096 by Zellbury is a complete ensemble that includes a digitally printed khaddar shirt front measuring 1.15 meters, a digitally printed khaddar shirt back measuring 1.15 meters, and digitally printed khaddar sleeves measuring 0.65 meters. The beautiful digitally printed khaddar dupatta is 2.5 meters long, while the khaddar shalwar is 2.5 meters long as well.

Target Audience

This magnificent ensemble is designed for Pakistani ladies living in the USA who want to stay true to their cultural roots while staying updated with the latest fashion trends. The target audience is those who want to exude elegance and sophistication without compromising on comfort and warmth.


In summary, WUW22E30096 by Zellbury is an exquisite ensemble that is perfect for any winter occasion. Its warm khaddar fabric, beautiful green color, elegant embroidery, and stunning digital print are just a few of the reasons why it is a must-have for Pakistani ladies living in the USA. Order now to add this gorgeous piece to your wardrobe and exude elegance and sophistication this winter season.