Embroidered Khaddar – WUW23E30703



Fabric/Labels: Khaddar
Color: Blue
Collection: Signature Winter Collection 2023 V-1
Type: Embroidered
Dupatta: Silk Dupatta
Print Type: Traditional

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Introducing the WUW23E30703, an exquisite blue embroidered Khaddar outfit from Zellbury’s Signature Winter Collection 2023 V-1. Wrapped in the warmth and luxury of Khaddar fabric that is best suited for the winter season, this beautiful piece of clothing is designed to captivate your heart with its traditional print and superior-quality embroidery.

Whether you are looking for a stunning outfit to wear at a family gathering or a formal event, the WUW23E30703 is definitely a great choice. Its unique blue colour exudes elegance and sophistication, while the traditional print adds a touch of cultural charm to your ensemble. This outfit is perfect for any style-conscious Pakistani lady living in the USA who wants to blend style, class, and culture into one beautiful attire.

Step out in style with this beautiful piece that features a dyed Khaddar shirt front and back, sleeves, and Cambric-dyed trousers, giving you a coordinated look that is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest. The embroidery on the shirt adds an extra layer of elegance to the whole ensemble, making it perfect for formal occasions.

The beautifully dyed silk dupatta is another outstanding feature of the WUW23E30703. The luxurious and graceful texture of the silk fabric adds an element of sophistication to your attire, making it the go-to outfit you’ve been searching for. It is an excellent accessory that completes the entire look by adding an extra layer of elegance.

In conclusion, the WUW23E30703 is a perfect example of Zellbury’s commitment to quality and style. The blend of Khaddar and silk gives you an outfit that meets the highest standards of sophistication, comfort, and culture. Pakistani ladies living in the USA can now fulfil their dream of looking stunning at formal events while still maintaining their cultural roots. Get this blue embroidered Khaddar outfit and take your style game to the next level.