Embroidered Self Jacquard – Z233B


Brand: Zara Shahjahan
Embroidered Self Jacquard
Collection: Zara Shahjahan’s Coco Lawn Collection 2023

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Over the years, the Zara Shahjahan brand has built an enviable reputation for crafting exquisite garments that embody the perfect balance of tradition and modernity, and the Z233B shalwar kameez is no exception. Specifically designed for the Zara Shahjahan Coco Lawn Collection 2023, this dress is a masterpiece of art, skill, and craftsmanship.

Kameez Design of Z233B

The front and back of the kameez of Z233B feature stunning embroidery that is pleasing to the eyes. The embroidery beautifully adorns the kameez, making for an eye-catching and bewitching dress. The front of the dress features an embroidered lace with pearls, which adds much detail to the dress, making it an essential piece in any collection.

The kameez also boasts a short-length style, which makes it perfect for hot and humid conditions. The round, square-cut neck style is another standout feature of the dress, with its beautiful embroidery and crystal tassels that exude elegance and style. The back of the kameez is also designed to be round-necked, providing a harmonious and balanced look. The sleeves of the dress, with their wide width, are adorned with beautiful embroidered lace and pearls on the cuffs, making for a spectacular sight.

The hemline style of the kameez features embroidery on the border, with gorgeous embroidered lace and pearls, all coming together to accentuate the dress’s overall aesthetic.

Dupatta Design of Z233B

The Dupatta is the ultimate accessory that elevates the kameez’s style, and the Z233B shalwar kameez does not disappoint. The Dupatta features an organza fabric with a beautiful printed design that adds a distinct, subtle, and visually striking texture. The borders of the Dupatta are a beautiful pink color printed lace, with an embroidery round lace on the edges, making it perfect for anyone who loves to accessorize.

Shalwar Design:

The pants that come with the D23-3B shalwar kameez are an essential part of the dress and have been designed to perfection. The pants are made with plain, solid, comfortable, stylish fabric, making them perfect for any occasion. The pants also feature delicate embroidery on Panchas, all coming together to accentuate the overall look of the dress.


The Zara Shahjahan Z233B shalwar kameez is adorned in a beautiful pink color that will leave anyone breathless. The kameez, shalwar, and Dupatta all have the same pink color, complementing each other and making a stunning outfit perfect for any occasion.


The kameez is made from Self Jacquard, a breathable material that is comfortable in humid or hot conditions. The Dupatta, conversely, is crafted from organza fabric, which adds texture and is accessible to the eyes. The trousers with the shalwar kameez are made with plain cambric. This material is easy to wear and comfortable on the skin.


 The D23-3BZ233B shalwar kameez is a perfect addition to any wardrobe and is best suited for party wear. Whether you’re attending a dinner party, wedding, or any other occasion, this dress’s beauty and elegance are bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion, the Zara Shahjahan Z233B shalwar kameez is an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. With its intricate design, beautiful pink color, comfortable fabric, and perfect stitching, this dress is essential for anyone looking for elegance, style, and comfort. The kameez’s embroidery, the Dupatta’s subtle texture, and the pants’ delicate embroidery all come together to make for a perfect dress. Get your hands on the D23-3B shalwar kameez today and experience fashion at its finest.

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