Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 06


Brand: Aik Atelier
Embroidered Velvet
Collection: ZARDOZI – VELVET ‘23

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Discover the epitome of regal charm with ZARDOZI LOOK 06 by Aik Atelier. This magnificent Teal Sari expresses high-fashion elegance, designed exclusively for the discerning Pakistani and Indian ladies in the USA. Meticulously crafted to resonate with the luxury of South Asian couture, this designer ensemble from the ZARDOZI – VELVET ‘23 Collection is a testament to Aik Atelier’s commitment to excellence.

Crafted with the utmost care, ZARDOZI LOOK 06 seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern allure, ensuring you make a statement at any high-end event or social gathering. Let’s delve into the grandiose details that make this piece a masterpiece in Pakistani ready-to-wear fashion.

The Blouse: A Canvas of Artistry

The ensemble’s heart lies within the blouse fashioned from luxurious embroidered chiffon. With the front and back bodice featuring painstakingly detailed light gold tilla work, your presence will emanate a soft yet commanding glow. Alternating with sheer luxury, the velvet bodice exudes a deep, rich texture. The sleeves are a delicate symphony of embroidered chiffon, complemented by an ornate organza border that adds a touch of feminine sophistication.

To finish, the neckline is refined with embroidered organza finishing – an exquisite detail that exemplifies the blouse’s craftsmanship. Every thread and sequin lies a story of meticulous design and intricate execution.

The Saari: An Enchantment of Fabric

Flow and grace characterize the chiffon saari fall, enriched with floral booti chatta that cascades down its length. Embellished alongside delicately placed gold tilla work and clusters of shimmering French cut sequins, each motif dances with iridescent brilliance.

Advancing towards the grandeur of the pallu, one finds themselves wrapped in a layer of embroidered velvet that whispers tales of royal legacies. The velvet pallu patch further enhances the sari’s magnificence with an additional layer of regalia. And not to be understated, the medium silk saari border frames the entire silhouette, adding structure and finesse to the draped marvel.

Inclusive of a coordinated medium silk petticoat, ZARDOZI LOOK 06 ensures a seamless and comfortable fit, allowing you to carry the attire elegantly and easily.

The Harmony of Color and Texture

The color palette chosen for this garment is one of timeless sophistication. The enchanting blue hue is reminiscent of the deep ocean – mysterious, alluring, and endlessly beautiful. Combined with the contrast of light gold embellishments, the result is a visually stunning piece that captivates and charms with every light reflection.

As for the fabric, Aik Atelier’s selection of embroidered velvet speaks volumes of luxury. It effortlessly brings plush comfort without compromising the splendor essential to ZARDOZI LOOK 06.

For the Woman of Distinction

This dress is not just an outfit but a homage to the modern woman who values her heritage. It is for the woman who strides with confidence, whose style is a bridge between worlds – the timeless traditions of the East and the dynamic expressions of the West. ZARDOZI LOOK 06 from Aik Atelier is more than ready to wear; it’s ready to inspire.

Aik Atelier – Where Elegance Meets Tradition

As a brand, Aik Atelier understands the cultural tapestry that Pakistani and Indian women in the USA hold dear. This understanding is woven into every garment, especially the ZARDOZI LOOK 06, where every thread promises quality, and every stitch is a heritage marker. Come embrace the luxury of Aik Atelier’s ZARDOZI – VELVET ‘23 collection, and let ZARDOZI LOOK 06 be a testament to your exceptional taste and style. Add this masterpiece to your wardrobe and carry the legacy of Pakistani grace and Indian elegance wherever you go.

Experience the magic of ZARDOZI LOOK 06 by Aik Atelier yourself, an attire that is not just worn but lived in. For inquiries and purchases, explore the breadth of our collection from the comfort of your home in the USA, and let us deliver the essence of South Asian elegance right to your doorstep.