Embroidered Lawn – ZEL23 D4


Brand: Zara Shahjahan
Embroidered Self Jacquard
Collection: Zara Shahjahan Lawn II

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Zara Shahjahan Lawn II introduces the breathtaking ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti, the perfect attire for a formal or festive Pakistani wedding. This Pakistani outfit from the collection features intricate details and beautiful embroidery, showcasing the brand’s signature style. The wood bark colours are employed to enhance the natural beauty of the fabric, creating an exquisite look that will mesmerize everyone.

Kurti Design of ZEL23 D4

The ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti is a masterpiece in terms of design. The beautiful floral embroidery on the front and back of the kurti adds to its elegance and sophistication. The embroidered lace on the kurti is a treat for the eyes, gracing the neckline and cuffs.

The Kurti length is long, providing a graceful flow that complements the ensemble. The boat neckstyle with the beautiful lace on the neckline makes a statement of modernity while retaining traditional aesthetics. The back neck style is also a boat neck, complete with the same intricate lace as the front. The sleeves are normal width, accompanied by the beautiful embroidery lace on the cuffs.

Dupatta Design

The embroidered georgette chiffon dupatta of the ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti is just as mesmerizing as the kurti itself. The beautiful embroidery design catches the eye, and the embroidered lace that borders the four sides adds to the grandeur. The dupatta makes this ensemble the perfect attire for a formal or festive occasion.

Lehenga Design

The lehenga of the ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti is simple yet stunning. The plain cambric fabric adds simplicity, while the embroidered border enhances its charm. Combined with the beautiful wood bark colours, the lehenga creates a captivating ensemble.

Colour Scheme

The wood bark colours used in this kurti make it stand out from the rest. Zara Shahjahan has blended the colours to produce an effect that adds to the natural beauty of the fabrics. The wood bark colour used for the kurti, lehenga, and dupatta combines to tell an enchanting and captivating story.

Fabric Quality

The Lawn fabric used for the kurti perfectly complements the detailed embroidery, providing an ideal canvas for exquisite designs. The chiffon fabric of the dupatta provides a graceful flow and delicate touch that adds to the overall flair of the ensemble. The printed cambric of the lehenga has been used to create a simple yet sophisticated look, adding a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Occasion Suitability

The ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti from Zara Shahjahan Lawn II suits any Pakistani wedding, formal, or festive occasion. The intricate details and beautiful embroidery on the kurti make it a standout piece, sure to dazzle everyone. The lehenga and dupatta add to the grandeur, creating an ensemble perfect for any formal or festive occasion.


Zara Shahjahan Lawn II presents the stunning ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti, featuring beautiful embroidery and intricate lace. The wood bark colours, Lawn fabric, chiffon dupatta, and printed cambric lehenga combine to create an ensemble that is as graceful as it is captivating.

This dress from the collection is the perfect attire for Pakistani wedding wear, formal wear, or any festive occasion. With its intricate design and quality fabric, the ZEL23 D4 Lehenga Kurti is sure to make a statement of style and sophistication.