Embroidered Net – ZLR 08 STARRY


Brand: Zarif
La Rosella 2023

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Introducing ZLR 08 STARRY: The Ultimate Celebration of Traditional Elegance Meets Modern Glamour

Are you a stylish Pakistani woman living in the USA, seeking to express your cultural heritage gracefully? Look no further! Our ZLR 08 STARRY from the La Rosella 2023 Collection by Zarif is crafted just for you – a poised, confident, and trendsetting lady who deserves nothing less than the best.

Let the Stars Light Your Path

ZLR 08 STARRY offers a breathtaking blue hue ensemble that combines the nostalgic charm of Pakistani sarees with the contemporary allure of a Pakistani maxi dress. The detailing with sequins, embroidered net, organza, embellishments of sequins, embroidered patch, and tiny pearls create a captivating vision sure to make you the night star.

Exquisite Fabric, Timeless Design

Made with the finest Maxi fabric for the dress, a delicate Dupatta fabric for the net, and luxurious Raw Silk for the trousers,  elevates your elegance to unimaginable heights. Rest assured, this timeless piece will be an enduring addition to your wardrobe collection.

A Class Apart

In a sea of similar designs and repetitive styles, the stands out with its flawless blend of tradition and innovation. Embrace the enchantment of this blue delicacy and make a statement at every event you grace.

Don’t Miss This Stellar Opportunity

As a woman of refined taste, you know the value of unique and captivating attire. Opportunities like this are rarer than a shooting star; there’s no time to waste.

Add ZLR 08 STARRY to your cart now, and watch as the stars align to light your path through the enchanting world of fashion.

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