Embroidered Chiffon – Zora


Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection: Ishq Aatish Collection 

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The ZORA Shalwar Kameez is an exquisite creation that will have you looking stunning. Artisans took great care in designing and creating this attire by hand; each detail stands out for itself to produce an exceptional outfit perfect for weddings and festive events.

The ZORA Shalwar Kameez from Eman Adeel Ishq Aatish collection stands out from the competition. Crafted with intricate embroidery work and exquisitely detailed borders, this garment was created for women who wish to stand out.


This exquisite kameez is crafted from thin, light chiffon fabric and beautifully designed with beautiful handcrafted embroidery to capture your attention. The back features the same design with similar material embellished with embroidery that perfectly compliments its front. Furthermore, sleeves feature intricate handcrafted designs and creatively decorated neck, sleeves, and hem cutwork embellishment, making this piece an exemplary work of art!

The ZORA Shalwar Kameez dupatta is crafted from high-quality chiffon soft and light fabric, making it comfortable to wear. It features four corners decorated with crystal tassels for an eye-catching touch. In contrast, its border features organza embroidery for added style.


 These brown Raw Silk trousers are durable and comfortable, adding an eye-catching finishing touch to any ensemble. Their design and color blend perfectly with Kameez and Dupatta ensembles to complete the ensemble and stand out from others in its class.

Embellishments The ZORA Shalwar Kameez features sparkling crystal tassels adorning each corner of its dupatta and sleeves borders, as well as creative cutwork designs on its neck, sleeves, and hemline for an added layer of glamour and sophistication to this outfit.


 Zora by Ishq Aatish collection Shalwar Kameez is handcrafted using Zora Brown colors Dust to give the outfit an elegant and natural appearance. Additionally, its brown trouser complements the Kameez and Dupatta beautifully to make a stand-out combination that stands out in any crowd.

Fabric For Weddings And Festive Events The Kameez fabric is constructed using chiffon, an airy and lightweight fabric ideal for weddings and other festive events. Additionally, its dupatta fabric and sleeves are made of chiffon for ultimate comfort throughout the day. Finally, Raw Silk provides durability and comfortability to this comfortable outfit.


The ZORA Shalwar Kameez is ideal for weddings and other festive events where you want to make a statement, with its stunning design and quality making you stand out. It will create an impression impression at any gathering!


 The ZORA Shalwar Kameez is an exquisite masterpiece crafted perfectly. Perfect for weddings and festive events where you want to make a statement, the embroidery work, creative cutwork, crystal tassels, and luxurious fabric combine for an eye-catching outfit that will draw everyone’s attention. Elegant in design with high-quality fabric, its attention to detail makes the ZORA Shalwar Kameez an outstanding statement piece suited for modern women who seek to stand out.