Embroidered Net – Zrn 01 Siyah


Brand: Zarif
Naqsh Festive Formals

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Zrn 01 Siyah Is Here to Fill All of Your Festive Needs!

Ladies, prepare to enter luxury with Zarif’s Naqsh Festive Formals Collection, designed especially for Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA. Celebrate your traditions while looking stunning on any special occasion wearing our Zrn 01 Siyah Saree and Maxi Suit Set designed by Zarif to make any woman stand out!

Make a striking statement with this exquisite ensemble reminiscent of Indian wedding sarees with its modern edge. The Zrn 01 Siyah features premium net fabric in a Coffee Bean shade adorned with delicate Sequin embroidery. Luxurious details like embroidered lace and thread tassels complete the picture beautifully, ensuring you shine like royalty.

Saree Details Style 01: 

The Zrn 01 Siyah Saree features an intricate Sequin Embroidered Net for its front and back tops, sleeves, and matching dupatta. Adding to its beauty is its exquisite Embroidered Lace Border enclosed by Sequin Embroidered Organza for both front and back lacing and sleeve lace, making this piece exceptional in design.

Details of Maxi Suit Style 02: 

Maxi Suit is meticulously crafted, featuring intricate sequin embroidery and stunning organza design on front/back lace/sleeve lace components.

Detail of Dupatta:

 Add an elegant Sequin Embroidered Net Dupatta featuring an embroidered lace border on all four sides of this luxurious fabric for your festive attire.

Trouser Details:

 Our Dyed Raw Silk Trouser adds elegance and comfort, perfectly complementing sarees and maxi suits ensembles.

Zarif’s Naqsh Festive Formals Collection features stunning pieces like this Zrn 01 Siyah to show off your captivating charm while meeting the needs of stylish Pakistani ladies in America. Perfect for weddings, formal parties, and special events!

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Add an intriguing element to your wardrobe with the Zrn 01 Siyah Saree and Maxi Suit by clicking “Buy Now”, standing out from the crowd, and making an impressionable statement! Let your elegance take over the stage!

Why Choose Zrn 01 Siyah?

Make an impression at any special event with the Zrn 01 Siyah from Zarif’s Naqsh Festive Formals collection! Featuring dynamic coffee bean saree and maxi suit designs embellished with sparkling sequins and delicate embroidered lace, the Zrn 01 Siyah from Zarif will turn heads at any special event! Perfectly blended technical fabric meets timeless embellishments; Pakistani and Indian women living in America will love this gorgeous ensemble’s beauty and vibrancy; embrace fashion excellence with it from Zarif’s Naqsh Festive Formals collection!