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The mega house of haute couture Ramsha always comes around with Pakistani outfits that have the ability to leave a mark for years. Paying tribute to the timeless artistry and cultural designs and adding her own unique touch, the brand crafts innovative attires.

Looking at the style profiles we find silhouettes having a beauteous color story and crystal overstatements. The use of winsome shades and ravishing embroidery formulates palpable energy surrounding the dresses, furnishing a look so mesmerizing and elite.

The design hub prides itself on its devotion to remaining imposing, let’s have look at some of the statement collections by Ramsha pk:

  1. Alluring Velvet Collection: Vol 5
  2. Reet Luxury Karandi
  3. Chevron Collection

Alluring Velvet Collection: Vol 5

Simply sublime and breathtaking, the smooth velvet fabric is embellished with an array of mind-blowing handicrafts. Manifesting cut dana, mukaish, and sequin work, the velvety soft apparel is elevated to perfection. The thread work is much lighter than the base color and quintessentially complements the background. The cozy, warm material worthy of royals, is certainly the best choice for a chilly winter Pakistani wedding dress.

Reet Luxury Karandi

Karandi works really well with extravagant details building up formal attires for winter. Neutrals and soft colors form most of the collection by Ramsha, yet we see a bold color here and there. The canvases are enhanced with the finesse of floral, paisley motifs, and extraordinarily decorated necklines. Celebrate the grand season’s soirees in outstanding outfits and fabulous pashmina shawls.

Chevron Collection  2022 – 2023

Chevron the collection has become popular for its impeccable aesthetic and traditional silhouettes. Overstated jewels and sequins cover the entirety of organza cloth, paired with a fully embellished net dupatta, no one can deny the fact that the collection revolves around effusive philosophy.

Closing Thoughts

Reflective of sky-high decorations, every suit carries an exorbitant mood with precious craft etched on top of them. Shopping from Ramsha, we can see the glamor oozing from the pieces.

Ramsha PK

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