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Saira Rizwan: Ready made Complete Collection

The last thing we want is another brand coming out with festive Pakistani suits in USA that have nothing new to offer. But there is something that has made Saira Rizwan catch the eye of the people and that is the use of her signature technique.

Her method requires the amalgamation of winsome tones that perfectly complement each other and the use of artistic patterns on advanced silhouettes. khaadi USA

The latest blueprints are not only dramatic but they ideally pair up with the print forming a dress we only hoped to acquire in our dreams. Asim Jofa

Let’s look at the creative blends the label offers:

  1. Serafina Festive Collection 2022
  2. Illiana Collection
  3. Bahar Collection

Serafina Festive 2022

Gowns, lehenga cholis, and maxi dresses, all our favorite lengths are compiled into one place by Saira Rizwan. Zainab Chottani

Decorating these timeless pieces is an election fusion of crafts and contemporary fashion. Baroque

Embellished just enough, the attires are seamless for a statement entry. A generous amount of fabric is added that makes up the pleats to get the perfect twirl. Maria b

Illiana Collection

For everything high fashion, Illiana is the way to go. With futuristic front-cut jumpers, floor-length sleeves, crisscross necklines, and overstated jumpers, the label has successfully broken away from the conventional standards of beauty. Sana Safinaz

Not letting others dictate how fabric and prints should be layered, we end up with styles that are out-of-this-world and gorgeous. Pakistani clothing stores near me

Bahar Collection

This specific collection holds pieces for the mehndi function but the label also provides gorgeous Pakistani bridal suits and also beautifully crafted suits for nikkah dresses, walima, and mehndi suits. The theme of the assortments is elegance, and Saira Rizwan has captured that aesthetic with bright mehndi colors, flowy lehngas and gowns, and visionary texture. Sobia Nazir


Festive collections are the hot topic throughout the year, with this unique Pakistani clothing icon we have finally found a brand that understands our style needs. Turn up the heat with arresting shades, sumptuous patterns, and impressive detailing with this leading Pakistani fashion brand.

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