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Have you ever observed the twinkling stars in the sky? It is often said that the pearls embellished on Sana Safinaz’s clothes shine with a similar radiance. They resemble stars. This brand’s ability to infuse its lawn wear with a luxurious and glamorous aesthetic is unparalleled. Girls fall head over heels for each collection, as if they have been eagerly awaiting these enchanting clothes for years. Are you also a fan of this Pakistani fashion icon? And is trying hard to find its clothes in the USA? Rejoice, because Shadi Dress is the largest online store for Pakistani dresses in the USA. From the comfort of your home, you can easily order dresses from any Pakistani brand.

Embroidered Polachi V231 001 DD 1.webp

Embroidered Polachi – V231-001-DD


Embroidered Slub S231 005A CP.webp

Embroidered Slub – S231-005A-CP


Embroidered Velvet V231 003 CP.webp

Embroidered Velvet – V231-003-CP


Embroidered Velvet V231 005 CP.webp

Embroidered Velvet – V231-005-CP


Embroidered Velvet V231 004 DE.webp

Embroidered Velvet – V231-004-DE


Embroidered Velvet V231 006 CO.webp

Embroidered Velvet – V231-006-CO


Embroidered Cotton S231 001B DF.webp

Embroidered Zari Jacquard – S231-001B-DF


Embroidered Zari Jacquard – S231 001A DF

Embroidered Zari Jacquard – S231-001A-DF


Embroidered Raw Silk S231 002A CP.webp

Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-002A-CP


Embroidered Raw Silk S231 002B CP.webp

Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-002B-CP


Embroidered Slub S231 003B CP.webp

Embroidered Slub – S231-003B-CP


Embroidered Slub S231 004A CP.webp

Embroidered Slub – S231-004A-CP


Embroidered Slub S231 004B CP.webp

Embroidered Slub – S231-004B-CP


Embroidered Slub S231 005B CP 1.webp

Embroidered Slub – S231-005B-CP


Embroidered Slub S231 006A CV.webp

Embroidered Slub – S231-006A-CV


Embroidered Raw Silk S231 007A DE

Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-007A-DE


Embroidered Raw Silk S231 007B DE.webp

Embroidered Raw Silk – S231-007B-DE


Sana Safinaz N231 003 CT.jpg

Embroidered Organza – N231003CT


Sana Safinaz Embroidered Velvet V221006CTP Dress 1.jpg

Out of stock

Embroidered Velvet – V221006CT


Sana Safinaz Embroidered Raw Silk S221007ACP Dress 3.jpg

Out of stock

Embroidered Raw Silk – S221007ACP


Table of Contents

Upon close examination of Sana Safinaz’s super stunning dresses, one might wonder what could possibly be missing from these exquisite garments. The truth is, there is no scarcity of beauty within them. Even a simple Pakistani lawn dress crafted by this brand grabs the viewer’s attention instantly. The fashion designers at Sana Safinaz in USA possess an innate understanding of how to win a woman’s heart. It is for this reason that once a girl or woman purchases their clothing, they never consider another brand.

We have an extensive range of collections available in Sana Safinaz ready to wear styles below;

  • Muzlin Summer’23 Vol 2
  • Mahay Summer’23
  • Nura Vol. I – Festive Collection’23
  • Luxury Lawn’23
  • Muzlin Spring’23 – Vol 1
  • Nura Festive Collection’22 – Vol Iv
  • Mahay Winter’22
  • Winter Luxury Collection’22
  • Nura Festive Collection’22 – Vol Iii
  • Nura Festive Collection’22 – Vol Ii

Let’s explore the unique qualities of these readymade editions and why you should consider purchasing them.

Muzlin Summer Collection:

Sana Safinaz Lawn outfits are an excellent choice for combating the scorching sun and staying stylish in USA. These lightweight dresses make women feel as light as butterflies, radiating a vibrant persona in pleasant colors. Sana Safinaz’s enchanting ensemble, specially designed for the summer season, is aptly named Muzlin Summer Collection.

The collection showcases exquisite lawn prints inspired by mesmerizing sights such as ocean waves, rolling clouds, and blooming flower buds. Meticulous attention to detail in the design of these prints has resulted in a fabric that resembles a galaxy. A fusion of Egyptian and Turkish styles, combined with patterns borrowed from China, Japan, and Pakistani village culture, has given birth to an array of captivating designs. The brand’s innovative use of colors has resulted in unique combinations that truly stand out.

It is no wonder that these creations fly off the shelves as soon as they hit the market. Sana Safinaz, one of Pakistan’s leading fashion designers, has been at the forefront of lawn design for a long time. Undoubtedly, the brand’s collection has become a summer staple and a delightful gift for Pakistani and Indian women residing in the USA.

A large number of women venture out of their homes for various reasons such as work and attending events. For them, the Sana Safinaz online Muzlin collection offers not only comfort but also a flattering and fashionable choice. The collection features an abundance of floral designs, adding a refreshing touch to the scorching summer. The prints showcase a variety of flowers, bringing joy to the heart upon seeing them.

Mahay Summer Collection:

The fashion horizon is graced with a vibrant rainbow of women’s clothing, as new styles and prints emerge, experimenting with different colors. The designer’s hard work is rewarded when women eagerly purchase these dresses. Witnessing the growing popularity of the new fashion trends among women, Sana Safinaz has launched yet another captivating collection, the Mahay Summer Collection. In other words, the brand has taken its design game to the next level, releasing successive volumes of this collection in the market.

College and university girls, as well as working women, prioritize comfort while keeping up with the latest trends when choosing their attire. That is why every girl happily invests in the Mahay Summer Collection, as it caters to all these needs. This collection showcases the latest and most exquisite forms of shalwar kameez. Additionally, fancy Sana Safinaz party wear has beautifully infused a western touch into this traditional eastern dress.

Nura Festive Collection:

Nura Festive Collection is a remarkable edition characterized by numerous volumes released so far. The collection showcases exquisite craftsmanship and creativity by Sana Safinaz clothing, featuring organza, fine net, and raw silk fabrics meticulously crafted to captivate the wearer’s attention.

In this collection, the fusion of western culture with the traditional eastern look has given birth to a captivating and enchanting creation. It offers a perfect blend for those seeking a modern and glamorous outfit while staying true to the essence of eastern culture. Sana Safinaz Nura Festive Collection is a true blessing for girls craving sophistication and charm in their attire.

This complete formal collection exudes elegance, luxury, and versatility. It can be deemed as both party wear and wedding guest wear. Combining style with tradition, the collection boasts intricate sequins, beads, and thread work.

The unique aspect of modern fashion is its freedom from limitations. It encompasses various styles such as long shirts, short shirts, kurtas, cigarette trousers, dhaka pajama, shalwar kameez, frock suits, and maxi dresses. These styles are introduced by designers and showcased on fashion show ramps.

By embracing any of these styles, girls need not worry about being “outdated.” Moreover, this trend offers convenience, as everyone can adopt a style that suits their size and height. Despite the diversity in fashion, certain styles stand out and are widely embraced.

The Nura Festive Collection deserves special recognition due to its ability to seamlessly blend eastern and western elements. It presents a mesmerizing blend of cultures, making each outfit an epitome of charm.

The collection is not only stylish but also preserves the allure of elegance, embracing shimmering pearls, stars, beads, and tassels in a graceful manner.

In conclusion, Sana Safinaz Nura Festive Collection is a true masterpiece that beautifully amalgamates modernism, glamour, and the richness of eastern culture. Its versatility and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal choice for formal occasions, such as parties and weddings.

Luxury Lawn Collection:

As the sun changes, dress styles also change. Winter is departing, showing its short colors, while the long days of summer are about to commence. Sweating from head to toe seems unimaginable these days. However, with the arrival of summer, Sana Safinaz introduces its luxurious lawn collection.

These colorful and fully embellished dresses combine coolness with style and charm. Women immerse themselves in the vibrant colors of spring by adorning these outfits. From home to office, from events to weddings, this luxury lawn collection captivates the viewers.

Mahay Winter Collection:

As spring bids farewell, every nook and corner of the market becomes vibrant with the arrival of the winter season. Numerous brands actively introduce their warm varieties to the market. Similarly, a large number of women eagerly await the launch of Sana Safinaz winter collection, Mahay. As soon as this collection is unveiled, women go into a frenzy. The Mahay Winter Collection showcases colorful prints and embroidery designs that emanate warmth.

Sana Safinaz mahay collection has crafted designs specifically for those gloomy winter evenings, featuring cheerful colors and flowers that infuse life with serenity and splendor.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection:

As soon as the new moon, signaling the arrival of Eid, is sighted on the eve of the last fast of Ramadan, the celebration of the moon night commences, rejoicing in the imminent joys of Eid. Subsequently, an endless series of preparations for Eid ensue. In such a situation, everyone finds themselves worrying about Eid dresses. Just like other brands, Sana Safinaz also releases its special collection for this auspicious day. Each dress in this collection exudes the essence of Eid. However, this collection sells out immediately upon launch.

We have the complete Eid collection of Sana Safinaz available, which you can purchase through a very simple process.

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