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Sateen Fall Collection 23

Sateen Fall Collection 23 by Maria B

Maria B has once again delighted fashion enthusiasts with its breathtaking Sateen Fall Collection 23 in USA. This incredible showcase of Maria B’s exquisite craftsmanship, dedication, and passion for fashion design cannot be ignored; one cannot take one’s eyes away from its grandeur. From vibrant colors, high-quality fabrics, exceptional embellishment techniques, and diverse styles.

Maria B has made this collection an irresistible proposition for every fashionista searching for the ideal party or festive wear dress. Boasting twelve dresses, each one perfectly showcases her creativity and aesthetic sensibility – crafted to suit women from various walks of life and needs and preferences alike.

Sateen Fall Collection 23

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Maria B has chosen only top-quality fabrics such as cotton satin, jacquard cotton jacquard chiffon, and Organza in this collection to create designer Pakistani clothes of exceptional comfort and elegance. What truly distinguishes this collection are the intricate embroidery techniques used in every single striking outfit – from an embroidered cotton satin front yoke to intricate ghera patti designs featuring intricate ghera patches featuring hand embellishment to beautiful hand embellished neck with hand embellishment to sleeves with 3D flowers on both sleeves with voile pallus printed cotton satin skirt patti designs featuring embellished borders embellished border embellished borders using diamantes adornments used as accents!

These luxury branded outfits come in various stunning shades, such as beige, baby pink, magenta, black, pale pink, yellow, slate grey, dull blue, royal green, and skin colors. So there is sure to be something suitable for everyone! Styles available include shalwar kameezmaxi dress, frock, angrakha lehenga, lehenga choli, open gown, and sharara suits for anyone’s taste!

Sateen Fall Collection 23 Products Details

Candy Pink CST-701 by Sateen Fall Collection 23

Maria B Sateen Fall Collection 23 offers two stunning outfits seamlessly combining tradition and modernity, perfect for Pakistani weddings and festive occasions. Candy Pink CST-701 Shalwar Kameez features gorgeous peach cotton fabric decorated with beautiful embroidery cotton satin front center panels, side panels, sleeves patti, and sleeves patti panels – an eye-catching and perfect Pakistani wedding wear!

The dupatta features beautifully embroidered printed chiffon with an embroidered cotton satin dupatta patti and pallu, featuring cotton satin embroidery of its patti and pallu motif, while its matching trouser comes complete with thick patch and pearl details on its border.

The Candy Pink CST-701 Open Gown is another eye-catching design, boasting intricately embroidered cotton satin front center panel, side panels, sleeves, and sleeves patti. Perfect for more contemporary yet versatile styling options, even its trousers feature the same stunning embroidery! Guaranteed to turn heads.

This breathtaking attire allows you to make any event special with effortless grace and timeless style. Boasting intricate samosa lace details in the middle border and beautiful tassels adorning its edges, this piece adds the perfect finishing touches.

Magenta CST-704

Maria B has included the Magenta CST-704 in its Sateen Fall Collection 23 as an incredible piece for their fall shalwar kameez series, adding elegance and sophistication to your formal wardrobe with cotton satin fabric featuring delicate embroidery on its center panel, side panels, sleeves, ghera patch.

The plain cotton satin back makes for an exquisite contrast against its intricately embroidered front, and the thick floral-embroidered organza dupatta patch with tassels adds sophistication and refinement to this otherwise traditional attire. Available in gorgeous shades of Dark Pink, making the dress an ideal Eid outfit; whether worn as a garara kameez or churidar pajama style, Maria B’s Magenta CST-704 displays its beauty with pride!

Yellow CST-705

Maria B’s Sateen fall collection presents the Yellow CST-705 Lehenga Choli as an exquisite piece for Pakistani wedding and festive wear. It is designed with an embroidered cotton satin yoke patti; hand embellished front yoke, hand embroidered sleeves, and plain cotton satin back yoke for the best possible performance and aesthetics.

Tassels hanging on the border of the choli provide an elegant finishing touch to this outfit, while its matching dupatta showcases an embroidered cotton satin dupatta patti with thread lace along four borders and printed cotton satin skirt patti and patch on four borders. Finally, its yellow hue and high-quality cotton fabric make this ensemble essential for any discerning customer.

Mauve CST-706

Maria B proudly introduces yet another stunning shalwar kameez outfit in Sateen Fall Collection 23 – Mauve CST-706. Featuring intricate and eye-catching embroidery on the cotton satin front and sleeves and Organza sleeves patti, the plain cotton Satin back provides an ideal contrast against its intricate front while its border boasts decorative tassels for extra flair.

The accompanying dupatta is made of high-quality organza fabric. It features an embroidered design, Jacquard Dupatta borders, and pearl embellishment at its edges. Furthermore, the trousers feature embroidery work and pearl embellishment on their borders – making this outfit suitable for Pakistani weddings and festive wear events. Its light purple hue makes this outfit ideal for wearing on occasions like Pakistani weddings.

Grey CST-707

Our Grey CST-707 dress is available in two exquisite styles, each designed for Pakistani wedding, formal, and festive wear. Style 01 features a stunning Grey Maxi dress crafted from embroidered cotton satin with an embroidered organza neck and sleeves patch. The dress comes with a plain cotton satin back and grey cotton trousers with a wide width. 

The organza lurex shaded dupatta is bordered with embroidered organza patti and pallu. Meanwhile, Style 02 boasts a gorgeous Grey Garara Kameez crafted from the same embroidered cotton satin fabric with a plain cotton satin back and plain grey cotton trousers. Both styles are a part of the highly coveted Maria B Sateen Fall Collection 2023. These dresses exude a timeless and elegant charm, perfect for special occasions.

Maroon CST-708

Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 23 proudly introduces their gorgeous Maroon CST-708 maxi dress, perfect for Pakistani weddings, formal events, and festive wear. Crafted with high-quality cotton material and featuring intricate hand embellishments and embroidery.

Maria B’s Maroon CST-708 maxi dress makes a bold statement at any event you attend! With intricate embroidery adorning its front patti and sleeves made from luxurious cotton satin material. In contrast, its front gear patti is constructed from cotton jacquard for an eye-catching contrast. A crush trousers complete this sophisticated ensemble, while Block Printed Organza Dupatta with four sides of embroidered organza patti completes its sophisticated and stylish appeal. Make an impressionful statement at every event you attend by donning Maria B’s Maroon CST-708 maxi!

Fuchsia Pink CST-709

Maria B Sateen Fall Collection 23 offers an elegant and beautiful Fuchsia Pink CST-709 frock that will turn heads. Crafted with printed and embroidered cotton satin front panels and printed front side and back panels. Additionally, exquisite embroidery work on cotton satin gera patti and sleeves patti adds glamour to this show-stopping dress.

This eye-catching frock features an embroidered cotton satin dupatta with organza pallu and patti that makes for the ideal accessory. Additionally, plain cotton satin trousers with wide width ensure comfort and style – both must-haves in your wardrobe this season! This striking combination of pink and orange hues is a must-have in your closet this spring/summer!

Teal CST-710

Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 23 features stunning pieces such as the Teal CST-710, which makes a striking statement with its high-quality cotton satin front featuring intricate embroidery. Furthermore, its exquisite front yoke, sleeves, and gera patti provide depth, texture, and character – as does its organza neckline, which features hand embellishment, further adding depth, texture, and character.

This cotton satin back provides a minimalist balance to its overall design. It pairs beautifully with blue cotton trousers made of the same fabric and matching organza dupatta – making this dress an excellent option for formal events while maintaining comfort and stylishness.

Beige CST-712 by Sateen Fall Collection  23

Maria B Sateen Fall Collection 23 features the exquisite and breathtaking Beige CST 712 Shalwar Kameez, ideal for Pakistani weddings and festive wear. It boasts a stunning Cotton Satin front center panel embroidered with 3D flowers and side panels, shoulder Patti and sleeves adorned with 3D flowers, and an Organza sleeves Patch and Ghera Patti for further embellishment.

Plain Cotton Satin Back adds subtle elegance to this overall design, while the traditional element provided by tassels hanging along the border adds dimension. Made of luxurious Organza Fabric with an Embroidered Net and an Organza Dupatta Patti Dupatta Patti Dupatta, Plain Cotton Satin Trousers complete with Tulip Design on Pancha add sophistication; the Maria B Beige CST 712 Shalwar Kameez in a warm Brown hue is sure to captivate and dazzle all who see it.

Black CST-703

The Black CST-703 Maxi Dress from Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 23  is an exquisite maxi gown featuring high-quality cotton and velvet fabrics with intricate embroidery details and hand embellishment details, plus Modal Jacquard front and back panels to accentuate its visual impact further.

Tassels hanging from the sleeves and hem of this dress enhance its aesthetic appeal, adding a modern edge. A gorgeous embroidered organza and cotton satin dupatta adds a regal air, while plain cotton satin trousers make a beautiful finish for this chic ensemble – ideal for formal events where it will surely make a statement wherever worn! This stylish yet elegant garment will undoubtedly turn heads wherever it goes.


Are you looking to turn heads and stand out at your next party, wedding, or festive event? Maria B’s Sateen Fall Collection 23 offers stunning designs of exceptional quality for an eye-catching appearance. This must-have collection should make an appearance in your wardrob