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10+ Gorgeous Black Shalwar Kameez Designs

Shalwar Kameez is a traditional dress that holds a special place in the wardrobes of Pakistani, Indian, and Bengali girls. Even when residing in the USA, these desi girls embrace their traditions and cultures by occasionally donning their exquisite ethnic attire. This showcases their appreciation for their heritage, which is truly remarkable. 

On this webpage, we have curated a collection of the finest black shalwar kameez designs for you to explore and order. It is a delightful gift, offering you the opportunity to acquire a stunning Pakistani women dress in your favorite color.

10+ Gorgeous Black Shalwar Kameez Designs

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ESC 03A Stella By Elaf Premium

The ESC 03A Stella from Elaf Premium Embroidered Lawn Collection 2023 is a stunning black salwar kameez suit perfect for any casual or festive occasion! It features a beautiful V-neck style kameez with multicolor floral embroidery throughout, along with quarter-length sleeves with organza frill on the borders and an embroidered floral cutwork patch with tissue lace at the bottom. 

This outfit is complemented by a digitally printed chiffon dupatta adorned with beautiful lace on four side borders and simple trousers with plates of floral lace on Panchas. The perfect combination of elegance and luxury, this dress is available in natural black. Grab your stitched ESC 03A Stella today!

Amari by Akbar Aslam

Be sophisticated and stylish black salwar kameez at the same time in Amari dress, chosen form the formal collection by Akbar Aslam. This enchanting black shalwar kameez includes a long kameez that has multicolor floral embroidery throughout with luxurious materials like kora, dabka, pearls, beads, sequins, and threadwork featuring a diamond-style neckline and see-through sleeves. 

The dupatta is in dark grey with multicolor embroidery and thickly embroidered patti on four side borders. It comes with simple wide-leg trousers. The brand uses natural black colour for the kameez and trousers while dark grey for the dupatta. Crafted from organza fabric for the kameez and dupatta while Russian Grip fabric for the trousers, this salwar kameez is perfect for both casual and party wear!

D23-9A by Zara Shahjahan

Check out this stunning D23-9A dress from Zara Shahjahan’s SS Lawn 23 Collection! It features a long, black frock with shalwar, court neckline style with intricate embroidery details, and a beautiful white color organza fabric border with an eye-catching multicolor floral digital print. 

An elegant dark grey dupatta comes with embroidered flowers on the borders and a thick embroidered patti along the sides. The Trouser is a simple yet stylish digitally printed piece. All fabrics are of top quality kameez fabric made of organza, dupatta fabric in organza, and trouser fabric in Russian Grip. 

Mahira Khan wore this look for the photoshoot, so why not take inspiration from her? Perfect black shalwar kameez design for any special occasion party wear or Eid wear!

EL 06 by Emaan Adeel – Classic yet Alluring Black Shalwar Kameez

Eman Adeel presents the stylish Eline Collection in EL 06! This luxury black Shalwar Kameez has a long top length that falls to the ankles, which includes a hand-made embroidered neckline and wide opening style sleeves along with stunning black crystal tassels. 

Big scallop lace on the hemline, along with black crystal tassels hanging on the hemline, adds to its charm. The dupatta is in blue and black color, featuring multicolor heavy embroidery on two small sides and thick embroidered patti on four side borders with beautiful shuttle lace. The Trousers has a simple design with three layers of samosa lace. 

This extravagant ensemble is available in natural black colour for kameez with multicolor embroidery, natural black colour trouser, and blue and black colour dupatta with multicolor embroidery. Shop now this Party wear or Eid wear crafted from Organza and Raw Silk fabric at the Emaan Adeel store!

Embroidered Swiss Lawn – SL09D04 by Baroque Clothing

Here is yet another stylish Pakistani Wedding Wear and Eid wear: the Baroque Embroidered Swiss Lawn Shalwar Kameez SL09D04. This long kameez is made from Swiss Lawn with breathtaking multicolor threadwork and other embellishments on both the front and back. 

A slit neckline with golden color lace on borders adds elegance to the ensemble, as does the same beautiful multicolor embroidery on the sleeves with cutwork lace on borders and thickly embroidered patti. The hemline has a beautiful black shuttle lace with big heart-shaped organza lace. The dupatta is made of cotton Dori with charming threadwork embroidery and thickly embroidered patti on four side borders with stunning shuttle lace. 

The trouser has a simple design, but its Panchas are decorated with a big Jaal-worked shuttle lave. Natural black colour for kameez with multicolor embroidery, black Trousers, and black dupatta with multicolor embroidery complete this sophisticated look. Get ready for any occasion in style in the Baroque Embroidered Swiss Lawn black Shalwar Kameez SL09D04!

Kalmia by Akbar Aslam

Kalmia from Akbar Aslam’s Luxury Elinor Collection is a gorgeous front slit style black shalwar kameez. The beautiful navy-blue floral embroidery on the kameez adds to the elegance of the outfit, with embroidered patti on the chaaks, hemline, and sleeve borders. 

It has a slit neckline design with embroidered patti. See-through sleeves have the same floral embroidery. Completed with a beautifully embroidered organza dupatta and tapered-fit Russian Grip trousers in black, this ensemble is perfect for Pakistani weddings and formal events.

Wisteria Bella by Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch, a classic Pakistani fashion house, introduces the Wisteria Bella outfit, a masterpiece of shalwar kameez designs. This soothing Pakistani or Indian woman’s ensemble features a short Kurti (kameez) paired with wide-leg flowy trousers. Notably, Cross Stitch’s recent collection, Luxe Atelier 23, showcases a range of wide-leg trouser outfits loved by stylish young ladies and girls.

The kameez boasts small dotted floral embroidery on the front and back, complemented by a wide, stunning embroidered patch and delicate white tassels along the hemline. The contrast of white embroidery against the black fabric creates a superb look.

The trousers, with their wide and flowy design, resemble sharara pants at first glance. However, they possess unique features that set them apart from other shalwar variants. The neckline of the Wisteria Bella black salwar kameez is adorned with a beautiful small pearl lace and a large embroidered patch. The back of the neck has a glamorous, deep squared shape.

The dupatta adds extra allure, featuring large floral embroidery on its body and a gorgeous embroidered patti on the borders.

NYSA EL23 02 A by Elan

Elan, one of the pioneers of the Pakistan fashion industry, showcases its Nysa dress in our exclusive list of stunning black shalwar kameez designs. This dress truly deserves recognition for its captivating features. Feast your eyes on the gracefully flared sleeves adorned with a charming peach and skin-colored organza lace along the borders, enhancing its stunning appeal.

The neck boasts a trendy Keyhole neckline style with intricate hand-made work. Elan’s fashion gurus have masterfully crafted breathtaking multicolor embroidery on the kameez. Adding to its allure, a thick, heavily embroidered patch adorns the hemline. The same elegant embroidered border embellishes all four sides of the dupatta, resulting in a harmonious ensemble.

This 3-piece Pakistani suit is not only perfect for weddings but also suitable for any festive occasion. It effortlessly blends cultural traditions with modern aesthetics. If you’re in the USA and seeking a classic black shalwar kameez that complements your personality, look no further than this striking outfit.

Embroidered Organza Halime by Anaya

Velvet is an ideal fabric that keeps your body warm and stylish during the winter season. Pakistani designers skillfully craft velvet dresses with stunning embroidery, creating jaw-dropping outfits. Halime dress has been taken from Anaya X Kamiar Rokni Anahita collection. This collection showcases branded dresses that exemplify luxury and elegance.

The black velvet fabric features small and large floral patterns, which are meticulously embroidered with golden threads, resembling stars in the night sky. The neckline, kameez hemline, and wide trouser pancha are adorned with matching embroidered patches, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look.

To complement the velvet dress, a golden organza jacquard dupatta is included, which perfectly matches the fabric. The four-sided borders of the dupatta are adorned with a beautiful small samosa lace, adding a touch of shine to the overall attire. This dark-shaded outfit is perfect for parties and can also be worn on Eid.

Experience the utmost comfort and elegance with these exquisite velvet dresses, meticulously crafted to make a lasting impression.

Embroidered Chiffon VSL 05 By Charizma

Charizma’s Vasal Chiffon Collection has captured the attention of young Pakistani and Indian ladies since its market launch. This mesmerizing collection features premium-quality cutwork, lace, embellishments, and fabrics. The whole Vasal volume showcases exceptionally creative work.

We have chosen an elegant black outfit from this Charizma collection, which stands out with its eye-catching design. The combination of black, white, and pink colors used in this outfit is truly striking. You will never want to part ways with this outfit once you lay eyes on it. The kameez showcases dreamy motifs, while the scallop shuttle lace on the border sleeves completes the overall look.

To match the color scheme, the brand has provided a thick pink patch on all four sides of the black dupatta. The hemline of the kameez is adorned with floral embroidery in the same color. If you appreciate black shalwar kameez designs, this ethereal outfit is perfect for your upcoming special day.

Embroidered Lawn XFU 23 512 by Xenia

If you’re on the lookout for a stunning Pakistani black shalwar kameez at an affordable price, look no further than XFU 23 512 by Xenia. This dress is a masterpiece, with extraordinary embroidery, fabric, and lace quality.

Xenia’s talented dress designers have crafted a mesmerizing neckline adorned with delicate black small shuttle lace in a V-neck shape. The sleeve borders are adorned with radiant loop buttons. And what about the dupatta? Xenia has provided a multicolor printed chiffon dupatta that adds the perfect finishing touch to this simple yet exquisite desi ensemble.


We always strive to provide you with the best clothing solutions for Shadi Dress. On this page, we tried our hard to create a list of super stunning black shalwar kameez designs, so you don’t want to explore all the products and find your perfect black piece of cloth. Enjoy your favorite Pakistani outfit today!