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10+ Breathtaking Red Shalwar Kameez Designs

For a long time, red color has held a special status in Eastern clothing. The red wedding dress, still passionately worn by Pakistani and Indian brides, has not diminished in value or dignity even after centuries. Aside from wedding attire, wearing a red shalwar kameez to a party can effortlessly captivate attention on any festive occasion. 

Pakistani and Indian girls residing in the USA often struggle to purchase their favorite Indian and Pakistani clothes. Finding various options in the same color in one place becomes even more challenging. Considering this, we have created a dedicated webpage exclusively for red Shalwar Kameez designs, offering dozens of choices in one convenient location. Selecting your favorite Indian or Pakistani women dress is just a few clicks away.

Breathtaking Red Shalwar Kameez Designs.

Table of Contents

Rubi by Alizeh

Alizeh chose net fabric for this chic ruby red color long kameez with shalwar. It is a frock suit; however, it can be considered while browsing red shalwar kameez designs. It has diamond shape front neck while a slit neckline for the back. The dress’s embroidery and Sitara work is designed to turn any festive moments magically.

See-through sleeves, splendid embroidered cutwork patch on the hemline, and beautifully embellished belt make Ruby a perfect dreamy festive ensemble. 

Kayffir by Akbar Aslam

Akbar Aslam is famous for its hand-made embroidery (adda work). We included this Angrakha-style red shalwar kameez in our list, as the dress has shining hand-made embroidery. Craftsman techniques and detailed intricate embellishments have been used to concoct the finesse of Kayffir by Akbar Aslam. 

The striking red outfit is paired with the same blush red dupatta with intricate details. The solid red pants complete the look of this stunning Pakistani dress. 

EL 08 by Emaan Adeel

This rosewood shalwar kameez is a sweeping ensemble of elegance and charm. Rosewood has always been a stylish Pakistani girl’s choice for adding subtle elegance at the party. EL 08 is exquisitely embroidered with pearls, sequins, and threadwork for an intricate touch.

The stunning wide-leg shalwar and flowy kameez are paired with a sheer embroidered chiffon dupatta with adorned crystal tassels edges.

D23-5A by Zara Shahjahan

A red shalwar kameez ensemble in any and every shade is a classic for Pakistani and Indian girls. The kameez has dreamy multicolor floral embroidery on the front and back. The brand kept this gorgeous dress sleeveless while the neckline is wide and deep. The kameez’s shoulders, neckline, and chaaks are adorned with enchanting lace or tiny pearls. 

For D12-5A’s sweet, surreal charm, the dress is coupled with an alluring and graceful dupatta with big floral embroidery. All four-side borders are enhanced with scallop edges. Finally, the look has been completed with cream-colored Sharara with so-chic panels. 

MH 203 by Emaan Adeel

Here is the classic blend of traditional and modern; the beautiful bright red and gold ensemble is nothing less than a royal dream, a vision that thrives on entwining the old-world charm with modern-day choices. This red shalwar kameez is paired with an elegantly embroidered net dupatta and enriched with embellishments and hand embroidery.

Breathing in our rich traditional craft and extravagant red Pakistani dress epitomizing the heritage of Eastern culture, Emaan Adeel revels in an unparalleled charm of Kiran, Resham, and dabka on this stunning red Salwar Kameez.

D23-6A by Zara Shahjahan

D23-6A is poetic, opulent, and luxuriant in every way. This stylish red shalwar kameez paired with a printed silk dupatta is perfect for the modern Pakistani young ladies in the USD who want the old-world charm to their party look. 

The multi-layered red-toned kameez is draped in themes of the bygone era and speaks for itself. It is densely embellished with shuttle laces, pearls, multicolor threadwork, and embroidery and enhanced with stunning cutwork.

0U3FELX23V67 by Sapphire

Sapphire is a contemporary womenswear and Pakistani fashion line. They are passionate about creating beautiful and luxurious Pakistani and Indian clothes using the finest fabrics, including chiffon, lawn, organza, and raw silk. The brand often combines them with sleek, modern design, as well as a centuries-old tradition of hand embroidery.

This 0U3FELX23V67 is a classic variant of the red shalwar kameez by the Sapphire brand. Hand embellished with blue, golden, silver, and red sequins, this super stunning flowy kurta with wide-leg trousers is a heavenly vision at night. This emerald sheer frock is embellished with an oversized sequined tassels on the back-neck for a mesmerizing shine.

The blended organza dupatta is set with densely embroidered borders with cutwork and worn as a precious statement.

XFU 23 513 by Xenia

The Xenia label has developed a unique style, reflecting its distinctive use of colors, unique silhouettes, intricate embroideries, and classic aesthetics. This summer, Xenia launched the brand’s second luxury lawn collection – Summer Soiree ’23. The exquisite collection features stunning Pakistani models who look ethereal in the majestic Northern areas of Pakistan.

This classy red shalwar kameez has been taken from the same collection. Even though the base color of the salwar kameez is brownish (not red), the overall look of this dress gives something red shade. The print done in the different flower patterns in appealing hues of red, silver, and brown enhances the look of this ensemble. 

This adorned kameez is paired with a gorgeous embroidered candy red dupatta and so-chic trousers. Update your daily wardrobe with this awe-inspiring Pakistani outfit. 

SL11 D05 by Baroque Clothing

An intriguing maroon, red, and silver Pakistani ensemble with captivating embroideries on the panels of the long kameez’s front, back, and sleeves. The outfit is paired with a gorgeous chiffon dupatta and maroon trousers with intricate embroidery. The jaw-dropping threadwork finishing for the kameez in organza gives an impeccable overall look to the stunning red shalwar kameez.

Crimson – A Gorgeous Red Shalwar Kameez by Farasha

A rich maroon long kameez with heavily embroidered front and back, fabulously embroidered patches on the sleeves of Crimson by Farasha, and intricately embroidered front and back hem borders, along with embroidered side extensions. 

This captivating red shalwar kameez is paired with beautifully embroidered finishing for the kameez and a flowy chiffon dupatta with embroidered pallu and matching maroon trousers- a regal look for the forthcoming season.

Farasha has done stunning cutwork on the edges of the dupatta. Additionally, a Dori-tassel hanging on the back-neck also gives an attractive look. 

Il12 Renata by Iznik

Another rich, intense color is as stunning as red, introduced by Iznik. The ‘Il12 Renata ‘in a ruby hue is decorated with intricate hand-crafted embroidered textured lawn. The beautiful jaal-work silhouette is paired with an ever-so-stylish chiffon dupatta, offering optimum glamour.

The back of the long kameez is solid deep red, while the sleeves are decorated with multi-hue floral embroidery, making IL12 Renata classy yet extravagant and lineal red shalwar kameez.