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10+ Elegant White Shalwar Kameez Designs

White color, when incorporated creatively by dress designers, can transform an ordinary girl into a radiant princess. Pakistani salwar kameez, worn passionately by girls from the East across the globe, holds white color in high regard. This hue evokes a sense of happiness and joy upon sight.

On this webpage, we have curated a list of exquisite designs in White Shalwar Kameez, ensuring a seamless search for your desired color. Scroll down, choose your favorite dress, and place your order without any hassle.

White Shalwar Kameez

Table of Contents

Embroidered Chiffon – Glaze BR1105

Glaze was first introduced by the Baroque clothing brand four years ago in its famous Chantelle Chiffon Collection. The brand has repeatedly restocked the outfit, and Baroque still restocked this masterpiece whenever it gets sold out. Reason? Girls love Glaze. The versatile Pakistani clothing brand crafted high-quality chiffon fabric in a Flowy frock and a long slit-style Kameez with trousers.

Both styles in Glaze are awe-inspiring. The frock suit contains multiple panels, making this stylish outfit more flowy and flared. There is a beautiful white embroidered patch on the hemline of the frock, while Baroque kept the sleeves see-through and tight, giving it a more classy look. We get cuffs style on the edge of the sleeves. 

In the other style, long slit kameez with tight trousers, we get comparatively wide-opening sleeves with beautiful small tassels in matching color with the dupatta. Lace of tiny pearls can be seen in the hemline of the long white shalwar kameez and on the wide boat-style neckline. 

The best part of this traditional yet modern white salwar kameez is its dupatta. A shiny bluish-shade look with breathtaking intricate embroidery can slay anyone instantly. There is chic golden samosa lace on the four-side borders of the dupatta, along with dark pink embroidered patti, which looks dreamy. This dress is a perfect Eid wear or festive wear. 

UF 284 by Baroque Clothing – Dreamy White Shalwar Kameez

This pure white shalwar kameez dress belongs to the same clothing brand, Baroque. White thread embroidery and Sitara work on this ethereal kameez embody quintessential Eastern allure. Baroque designers completed slit neck style with floral sequined lace. Sleeves’ borders have been finished with Jaal-work with the same shiny sequins. 

Chikankari look is also included in this modern yet cultural ensemble. The beauty of the kameez reaches its peak on the hemline as intricately embroidered patches have been included. 

The Organza dupatta has the same embroidered patch on the four-side borders. At the same time, dyed raw silk trousers completed the overall look of this classy yet extravagant and lineal attire.

D23-4A by Zara Shahjahan

This white Pakistani designer cloth is a style statement in itself. D23-4A is a classic example of sheer Pakistani cultural white shalwar kameez. One can see how Mahira Khan looks so gorgeous in this Sabrina neckline style outfit. The kameez is shorter than the regular one, while the shalwar is wider than the normal one.

Zara Shahajahan designed multiple big floral embroidery on the back of the kameez, while the front has been kept with small dotted embroidered designs. Embroidered motifs, patties, and strips create a stunning display of opulence and elegance.

The base color of the dupatta is orange, on which multiple floral prints have been designed, undoubtedly complementing the shalwar kameez very beautifully. 

D23-1A by Zara Shahjahan

Another splendid white shalwar kameez from the same collection of Zara Shahjahan. The beautifully printed silk dupatta is the most beautiful part of this striking desi attire. The bottom is a wide-leg sharara or gharara (both designs can be ordered). 

The same printing style has been done on the neck, crafted with the most exquisite details. Zara Shahjahan included mesmerizing patterns and motifs in this outfit. Look at the hemline of the short kameez, heart-touching thread lace in the same color, creating a dazzling display of artistry and finesse. 

Miray AN by Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry

The most beautiful factor in this luxurious white shalwar kameez is its heavy hand-made embellishments, including golden color embroidery and hanging big thread tassels. Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry is a well-praised Pakistani clothing brand, and this dress belongs to its Anaya X Kamiar Rokni Anahita collection.

The big and small thread and crystal tassels can mesmerize anyone instantly as the color combination and designs are modern restatements of antique styles. Check out the big blue, green, golden, and peach color floral embroidery on the sleeves. You will fall in love with quarter-length sleeves, wide openings, and small tassels hanging on the borders. 

A Bumble organza dupatta in three colors, along with samosa lace on all side borders, completes the look of this modern and chic Pakistani white salwar kameez.

Cf02 Kefi by Qalamkar

Do you love chikankari work on white shalwar kameez? Then check out Cf02 Kefi from Chikankari Eid Edit 2023, presented by Qlamkar. We see chikankari dresses in the markets and online stores. However, how Qalamkar has done the chikankari work on this gorgeous white dress is genuinely extraordinary. 

A creative neckline, stylish sleeves openings, and a classy hemline are all available in this CF02 kefi dress. The ensemble features whimsical embellishments of small and big scallop tassels, sheesha work, cutwork, and frills. 

Another striking part of this radiant outfit is its bottom. One can call it a lehenga with kurti, as its flare is too broad, and at the same time, it’s Sharara, as we can get it in two-leg trousers. Whatever style you want, the bottom is stunning in every aspect.

IDL 01 Raina White Shalwar Kameez by Iznik 

If you want a simple yet classy white shalwar kameez that you can wear at the party and as daily wear. Check out Iznik’s masterpiece – IDL 01 Raina. The price range will not affect your pocket; you will think about how it can be possible at such a price. 

Its embroidery and print design both have unparalleled charm. We picked this fabulous Pakistani outfit from Dastaan Collection 23 of Iznik. There is a beautiful Jaal-work on the kameez hemline, enhancing the top’s overall beauty. 

Iznik used elegant Kiran lace on the borders of the wide opening sleeves and the small sides of the dupatta. Big floral prints on the delicate chiffon dupatta reflect the craftsmanship and creativity of this well-known Pakistani fashion house. 

Shah Noor by Cross Stitch

How can we overlook Shah Noor if we are compiling a list of white shalwar kameez designs? Cross Stitch launched its Wedding Edit 1 collection, where we can find this truly mesmerizing outfit. It is a Sharara Kurti, one of the most attractive variants of the shalwar kameez design.

Viscose Gotta work is done elegantly on Jacquard’s shirt. The same gotta patti has been used on the short kurta’s hemline and the dupatta’s borders. The Neckline of Shah Noor comprises a very eye-catching embroidered border. The dress is complemented by a sophisticated woven dupatta in skin color, which looks perfectly fine with the dress. 

And the most beautiful part of this Pakistani women’s ensemble is its Sharara. Tons of panels/kalian have been included in the bottom. After that, the vast and flowy Sharara will captivate hearts and turn heads.

3977 Zohra by Motifz

This Pakistani ensemble’s cutwork, beads, pearls, and 3D floral work cannot be overlooked if one is looking for something new in white shalwar kameez. Every single aspect of this is impressive. The kameez is long till the ankles, with beautiful embroidered borders on the hemline, and sleeves have wide openings containing beautiful laces and tassels. 

Motifz chose Schiffli Lawn fabric for the long shirt and dupatta, while the trouser is dyed cotton. Dupatta’s borders contain the same cutwork, sequins, and chikankari work. 

N231 003 CT by Sana Safinaz

We deliberately included this outfit in our white shalwar kameez designs list, even though it’s not pure white. However, the nearest shade of white it is. But the work done on this outfit allowed us to complete this enthralling desi-long dress. 

As far as the design is concerned, it is a frock with multiple panels and a wide-leg bottom with splendor jaal-work on the bottom. The classical dupatta of N231 003 CT is enriched with embellishments and hand embroidery, making the dress more graceful and perfect for any wedding ceremony.

Sana Safinaz kept the back’s gala (neck design) too wide while the font was closed (maybe the designer wanted something unique and different). Charismatic hanging tassels replaced the buttons, making modern restatement of antique styles. 

Zlc 02 Pearl White by Zarif 

This white shalwar kameez by Zarif can make your day simple and memorable. ZLC 02 Pearl is a sheer beautification of pearls, tassels, and laces. The brand used its whole energy and creativity in this outfit, out of other tens in the collection.

Zarif used pure net fabric for the shirt and high-quality raw silk lining. The hemline is wider than a normal kameez, giving the shirt a flowy frock look. Light shades of blue and purple used in the fabric and embellishments made this simple outfit an exceptional Pakistani designer white salwar kameez.