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Ready Made Sobia Nazir Clothes in USA Online

Keeping femininity and elegance at the forefront, this fashion connoisseur, Sobia Nazir, breaks the stereotypical ideas of women’s fashion. Gliding away from the conventional, they produce numbers possessing latest prints, fresh silhouettes, hip backgrounds, fashionable attachments in Pakistani designer clothes and much more.

Embroidered Cross Slub AW23 5A.webp

Embroidered Karandi – AW23-5A


Embroidered Krandi AW23 3A.webp

Embroidered Karandi – AW23-3A


Embroidered Krandi AW23 1B.webp

Embroidered Karandi – AW23-1B


Embroidered Cross Slub AW23 4A.jpg

Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-4A


Embroidered Cross Slub AW23 5B.webp

Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-5B


Embroidered Krandi AW23 3B.webp

Embroidered Krandi – AW23-3B


Embroidered Krandi AW23 2A.webp

Embroidered Krandi – AW23-2A


Embroidered Krandi AW23 2B.webp

Embroidered Karandi – AW23-2B


Embroidered Krandi AW23 1A.webp

Embroidered Krandi – AW23-1A


Embroidered Cross Slub AW23 4B.webp

Embroidered Cross Slub – AW23-4B


Embroidered jaquard N23 01.jpg

Embroidered jaquard – N23-01


Embroidered Rawsilk N23 05.jpg

Embroidered Dyed – N23-05


Embroidered Valvet N23 04.jpg

Embroidered Valvet- N23-04


Embroidered Lining N23 06.jpg

Embroidered Dyed – N23-06


Embroidered Net N23 03.jpg

Embroidered Net – N23-03


Embroidered Raw Silk N23 02.jpg

Embroidered Raw silk – N23-02