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Velvet Edition by Baroque

Velvet Edition By Baroque

Baroque Clothing, the premium fashion brand, recently introduced their Velvet Edition by Baroque as the perfect combination of elegance and style. This stunning 15-dress collection is created to meet modern Pakistani women’s fashion needs; each dress stands out with unique embroidery techniques, charming colors, and luxurious fabric materials to accentuate beauty and femininity.

The Velvet Edition by Baroque showcases some of the most intricate embroidery techniques, such as floral embroidery, thick patch appliques, threadwork tassels, shuttle laces, and patties. Each dress in this collection was meticulously stitched by hand with exquisite detail to achieve a harmonious balance between refinement and sophistication. Furthermore, bold colors such as green, blue, black, purple, and maroon represent true feminism to help women feel bold and empowered in themselves and life!

Velvet Edition by Baroque

Table of Contents

Velvet Edition by Baroque features Pakistani branded clothes crafted from high quality velvet and organza fabrics, making these dresses charming, luxurious, and comfortable. Their combination adds depth and richness to this latest release, adding allure and charm. With open gowns, lehenga kurtis, shalwar kameez suits, sharara suits, and other styles specifically designed to meet the wedding, festive wear, or party wear needs – these dresses can make any event memorable!

                                                              Velvet Edition Collection 2023 By Baroque

Velvet UF 422

Baroque introduces first luxurious addition to its Velvet Edition Collection 2023; Velvet UF 422, an exquisite Shalwar Kameez dress designed to set new standards of elegance and sophistication for formal and festive occasions. Made with top-of-the-line velvet and silk fabric that boasts quality and comfort, Velvet UF 422 sets a new standard in elegant formal wear.

This long-length Kameez boasts eye-catching embroidery at its front and back borders, an eye-catching round neckline with dori tassels at the back, broad-width sleeves adorned with delicate silk patches and delicate lace on cuffs that enhance its overall aesthetic, and dori tassels on doris at either end of its depth round neck style.The trousers boast elegant embroidery of plain velvet with patti, while the Dupatta features an organza floral patch decorated with silk borders and delicately embroidered sequence borders on all four sides.

The asphalt color on the Kameez and trouser, combined with Brownish-Purple for its Dupatta, gives this outfit its timeless beauty. Velvet UF 422 is designed to blend traditional charm with contemporary fashion for formal or festive events.

Velvet UF 426

UF 426 is a truly creative shalwar kameez design you will faill in love instantly. Boasting several magnificent features that add elegance and sophistication to any event, the Kameez features woodsmoke velvet fabric with long-length, plain velvet embroidery borders with organza side borders for added detail.The neckline features an exquisite round neck design adorned with floral embroidery that brings out the beauty of this Kameez.

 The sleeves are wide and feature tassels at their cuffs, while its Dupatta, made of organza in a ship grey hue, is decorated with dyed organza with intricately embroidered four-side borders as well as dyed organza patti embroidery throughout its entirety.

Velvet UF 421

Baroque brand’ Velvet UF 421 Shalwar Kameez exudes sophistication, luxury, and elegance as this dress makes a striking impression at any formal event, featuring intricately embroidered velvet front panels, adding grace.The round neck style on the front and back of this Kameez features an embellished patti, while its sleeves showcase floral designs. Furthermore, its thick embroidered patch with small tassels adds extra grandeur.Cutwork round trousers add the perfect finishing touch to this exquisite velvet dress, creating the Velvet UF 421 Shalwar Kameez and making you stand out with your grandeur and sophistication.

Velvet UF 253

Baroque’s Velvet Edition Collection 2023 presents their another Shalwar Kameez addition, the Velvet UF 253. This Kameez is an icon of timeless elegance and sophistication, boasting exquisite embroidery detailing the front and back panels made from soft velvet fabric.This classic round neck design features exquisite organza embroidery on its neckline, while dori tassels adorn its deep round back style. Additionally, its sleeves boast beautiful velvet embroidery with small pearl accents on their cuffs for an opulent touch, and an embroidered patti at the hemline adds a dash of style.

Velvet fabric covers trouser fabric and embroidery on its trouser leg for an exquisite floral finish, adding depth to this stunning ensemble. An organza dupatta boasting floral thread work along the borders is also included with this gorgeous set, in black for its Kameez trousers and Rongoon green for its Dupatta. The Velvet UF 253 makes an eye-catching statement piece in any wardrobe!

Velvet UF 255

Are you in search of an eye-catching addition to your wardrobe? Velvet UF 255 Shalwar Kameez could be the perfect choice for you. Crafted with luxurious velvet fabric, this long-length Kameez makes an impressionful statement at any formal event.Front and back panels showcase intricate embroidery, while the round neck style features an exquisite embroidered patti. A deep round neck style with dori tassels adds an air of elegance. Sleeves boast wide widths with thick embroidered patches adorned with floral lace cuffs; this design includes thick embroidered patches adorning its hemline.

This organza fabric dupatta features an intricately embroidered grip border throughout and floral patti on all four edges for a spectacular design. Paired with plain grip trousers in rich dark green, the Velvet UF 255 Shalwar Kameez makes an impactful statement!

Velvet UF 420

Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 is an essential must-have for those searching for luxurious style. Within this range, the Velvet UF 420 stands out thanks to its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, featuring velvet front and back panels of the Shalwar Kameez for an extravagant appearance and a V-neck style with organza patch detailing on both front and back necklines for added elegance.

Long sleeves feature thick embroidered patches and floral lace, while the hemline boasts delicate floral embroidery. Additionally, the Dupatta is composed of luxurious organza fabric adorned with exquisite small floral embroidery throughout the shawl and thick sequin patches and triangle design patti borders for contrast.These trousers feature plain velvet with floral embroidery in Haitian green to complete any luxurious occasion. Experience Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 through Velvet UF 420!

Velvet UF 427

A boat-neck style with an organza front and back neckline patch, two pieces add glamour, while deep round neck styles featuring embroidered patti with pearls on the back neck add sophistication. Intricate floral embroidery across the Dupatta adds visual interest, while a thick patch with a shuttle lace border on four side borders makes the ensemble even more alluring.

The trouser features intricate velvet floral embroidery on its thick embroidered patch trousers on the border. The night color for both garments, along with the Baltic sea-hued Dupatta, blends seamlessly, creating an eye-catching, captivating contrast.Velvet fabrics used in Baroque’s Edition Velvet Collection 2023 add extra comfort that ensures you look as great as you feel! Velvet UF 427 stands out as an exquisite piece within this magnificent offering.

Velvet UF 423

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Kameez features an intricately embroidered velvet front and plain back, further embellished by an organza back patch accentuating its beauty.The Kameez features a long length and round neck styling with intricate embroidery along its back neck. Its sleeves feature wide widths with thick embroidery patches adorned with patti on cuffs. Furthermore, its hemline boasts a complicated patch adorned with tassels on borders.

The Dupatta complements the Kameez with its exquisite small floral embroidery design and thick embroidered patches on all four sides, while its Sharara features small shuttle lacework in rich cocoa bean color to complete this luxurious ensemble.Made with luxurious velvet fabric for ultimate luxury and comfort, organza Dupattas and silk Shararas complete the experience for ultimate sophistication and grace. Experience it for yourself now in the Baroque Velvet Collection 2023.

Velvet UF 250

UF 250 Shalwar Kameez is perfect for those seeking to maintain a classy yet contemporary vibe. This standard-length garment features intricate velvet embroidery details on the front and back panels.This beautiful dress features an elegant slash neck design accentuated with beautiful embroidery of patti and tassels along the neckline, as well as a round back neck structure with a round collar style; wide sleeves feature thick embroidered patches on their cuffs; the Dupatta features stunning digital prints throughout and borders decorated with intricately embroidered patti adornment, as well as exquisite thread lace borders for an added touch.

The trousers boast gorgeous floral embroidery and an embroidered patti on the border, creating the ideal combination. Incorporating seal brown kameez and trouser fabrics, as well as pale taupe dupatta hues, this Velvet UF 250 dress from Baroque’s Velvet Edition Collection 2023 stands out among its peers with its sophisticated velvet kameez and trouser creations and organza dupatta design for smooth flow – make an impression wherever you go in this striking Velvet UF 250 dress from Baroque’s Velvet Edition Collection 2023 and its rich Velvet Edition Collection 2023 dress!


Baroque Velvet Edition Collection 2023 introduces UF-42, an exquisite Shalwar Kameez that exudes elegance and sophistication. Crafted of luxurious Velvet fabric, it boasts gorgeous embroidery detailing at its front and back neck – the former boasting an ornately embroidered patti. In contrast, its back neck boasts intricately designed motifs with dori tassels for an eye-catching finish.

The Kameez features wide sleeves adorned with thick patches and patti at the cuffs that add grandeur, while its Dupatta, made of organza fabric, showcases intricately embroidered small floral designs complemented by patches and patti on all four sides of its surface.Trousers made from dyed jamawar are simple yet elegant, adding the perfect balance to an ensemble. Pairing the Night Kameez color with Wood color trousers and Birch colored dupatta makes for an eye-catching festive ensemble – the Baroque Velvet Edition Collection 2023 proves that luxury fashion can combine exquisite design with unparalleled quality.

Velvet UF 239

Baroque presents Velvet UF 239 Shalwar Kameez from its Velvet Edition Collection 2023. Crafted with velvet fabric and intricately embroidered with intricate patterns on both front and back, its V-neck style with organza detailing on its neckline adds elegance while its round neck finish completes its design.

Beautiful thick embroidery patch and patti on the cuffs add charm and beauty to wide-width sleeves, while an embroidered patch and patti border accentuates its hemline. Additionally, its dark jungle green hue and premium-grade velvet fabric add grace.

Velvet UF 239 from The Velvet Edition Collection 2023 will leave you speechless! Boasting intricate embroidery of small floral designs across its Dupatta and four sides adorned with patches embroidered in floral motifs, Velvet UF 239’s refined look will take your breath away.

Velvet UF 424

Baroque’s Velvet Collection Edition 2023 presents the gorgeous and luxurious velvet Uf 424 Lehenga Kurti, which epitomizes elegance and sophistication with its graceful round neck style choli featuring intricate embroidery on both front and back as well as wide-width sleeves with patches adorned with intricate embroidery on them and small pearls that add an element of charm to this ensemble.

The accompanying Dupatta is made of organza fabric and features small floral patterns to add delicate femininity. With thick embroidered borders on two sides of the Dupatta and simple golden patti with small triangle lace trim that complements its cocoa bean color, the ensemble makes an impressive celebration-ready statement.

Soft and velvety to the touch, the Kameez fabric of Baroque’s Uf 424 Lehenga Kurti velvet collection 2023 Lehenga Kurti Lehenga Kurti offers comfort and fashion in equal measures. Boasting its cocoa bean hue and intricate embroidery details, this Lehenga Kurti makes an eye-catching fashion statement on any special occasion – choose Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 Lehenga Kurti for added elegance!

Velvet UF 41

Velvet Edition Collection 2023 is proud to showcase the luxurious Velvet UF 41 Shalwar Kameez from Baroque. This dress style boasts luxurious velvet fabric in Jaguar color, embroidered with intricate designs to add elegance and sophistication. It has a round-neck style featuring beautiful embroidery with tassels on its neckline.Additionally, its sleeves boast wide, tiny embroidery patches decorated with little triangle designs on their cuffs and small triangle designs on their hemline for an exclusive ensemble.

The matching organza dupatta features intricate small floral embroidery designs throughout its borders, adding charm and allure to this ensemble.A pair of dyed silk trousers complete this stylish yet understated look.This sophisticated Shalwar Kameez exudes class, perfecting it for formal occasions and festivities. Baroque’s Velvet Collection 2023 promises an unforgettable experience when worn.

Velvet UF 249 by Velvet Edition by Baroque

Velvet Edition by Baroque introduces their latest addition, the Velvet UF 249 Shalwar Kameez. Crafted with high-grade velvet fabric, this dress exudes elegance and style with intricate embroidery adorning its front panel and an organza patch on the back with delicate stitchwork adorned with intricate threadwork – truly exquisite and sophisticated!

The round neck design boasts elegant organza embroidery to elevate its sophistication and an intricate motif embroidered onto the back neck. Furthermore, this wide-sleeved dress features thick patches embroidered onto its cuffs for an edgy edge to the dress.

This dress features trousers adorned with velvet floral patches to strike an ideal balance between tradition and modernity. The nearly black Kameez and trousers and mushroom-colored Dupatta create an eye-catching ensemble; digital embroidery adds extra charm. Be a trendsetter with this Velvet UF 249 dress from Baroque Velvet Edition Collection 2023!

Velvet UF 425

Velvet Edition by Baroque introduces the exquisitely designed Velvet UF 425 Shalwar Kameez, perfect for formal events, Pakistani weddings, and parties. Crafted from luxurious velvet fabric, this stunning garment boasts an embroidered plain velvet patch on both front and back and handwork embellishments that make this piece stand out at any event.

The elegantly embroidered organza patch adorns this stylish slash neck style, while its matching round neck at the back flaunts an alluring handwork patch. Wide-width sleeves with rounded net lace cuffs add a lovely finishing touch to this ensemble. It pairs nicely with its accompanying dirt brown organza dupatta featuring intricate sequence detailing embroidered onto its fabric.

Borders feature embroidered velvet patti with embroidered patches for an extravagant feel. Trousers of the same velvet fabric feature an embroidered patch with patti for comfort wearability; both components make an impressive combination for long-term wearability.Baroque’s Velvet Edition Collection 2023 is essential for those looking to make an impressionful statement at formal events. Its vibrant green Kameez and trouser colors contrast well with its dirt brown dupatta fabric.


Velvet Edition by Baroque is the epitome of luxury and style, boasting attention-to-detail designs with sumptuous fabrics, intricate embroidery techniques, and stunning aesthetics that stand out. A must-have for fashion-conscious women wanting to stand out in any group, get your hands on it now to bring your fashion game up another notch!