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Cross Stitch in USA: Complete Collections Available

We have often heard Indian and Pakistani girls in the USA say that Cross Stitch is our favorite Pakistani clothing brand. There may be other reasons, but the main reason is that this Pakistani fashion house keeps quality high. Apart from charm, its clothes are also a high example of creativity. If we take a quick look at the last five collections of this brand, we see creative yet jaw-dropping designer Pakistani clothes.

Embroidered khaddar Tango Plum.webp

Embroidered khaddar – Tango Plum


Embroidered linen Smoky Fleck.webp

Embroidered Linen – Smoky Fleck


embroidered khaddar Ethnic Groove.webp

Embroidered khaddar – Ethnic Groove


Embroidered linen Misty Bloom.webp

Embroidered Linen – Misty Bloom


embroidered linen Teal Waters.webp

Embroidered Linen – Teal Waters


Embroidered khaddar Tan Hues.jpg

Embroidered khaddar – Tan Hues


Embroidered linen Cosmic Sky.webp

Embroidered Linen – Cosmic Sky


embroidered khaddar Ivory Hartley.webp

Embroidered khaddar – Ivory Hartley


Embroidered Linen Kaylen Black.webp

Embroidered Linen – Kaylen Black


Embroidered khaddar - Royal Dust

Embroidered khaddar – Royal Dust


embroidered linen Beryl Glaze.webp

Embroidered Linen – Beryl Glaze


Embroidered khaddar - Mulberry Craft

Embroidered khaddar – Mulberry Craft


embroidered khaddar Twilight Glare.webp

Embroidered khaddar – Twilight Glare


embroidered linen BLACK FOREST.webp

Embroidered Linen – Black Forest


embroidered linen SCARLET SAGE.webp

Embroidered khaddar – Scarlet Sage


embroidered khaddar Olive Meadow

Embroidered khaddar – Olive Meadow


cross stitch Embroidered Suit Relic Fossil 1.webp

Embroidered Silk – Relic Fossil


cross stitch Embroidered Suit Pristine mint.webp

Embroidered Silk – Pristine mint


cross stitch Embroidered Suit cradle Pink.webp

Embroidered Silk – Cradle Pink


cross stitch Embroidered Suit Freckle Teal 1.webp

Embroidered Silk – Freckle Teal


Table of Contents

Whether it is chiffon dresses or lawn, the beautifully crafted dresses by Cross Stitch designers instantly captivate the viewer. Suppose you are also interested in buying dresses from this brand and find purchasing your favourite dress in the USA challenging. In that case, Shadi Dress is here to resolve your problem. Order a stunning dress from this brand for your upcoming special day from our online store today.

We have all editions of cross stitch available in readymade condition at a very reasonable price.

Readymade Premium Lawn Collection By Cross Stitch

This latest collection is adorned with only high-quality lawn outfits. The latest designs of shalwar kameez will touch your heart. Check out the delicate dupattas of the ensembles included in this ready made edition. Look at the embroidery and embellishments on the dupattas. Check out its shalwar designs, and then check out the collar and neckline styles of the kameezes. Every single element, every aspect, is sheer perfection. Beautiful carvings are evident at every point of this Indian clothing.

We see the creativity of the fashion experts evident in this edition. We can see how much effort must have gone into this edition. And if we talk about the colours, the brand has kept all prominent colours. All the attractive colours are included in this collection. Laces, tassels, pearls, and sequins have also been extensively used, making the dresses attractive. Along with daily wear, these Pakistani lawn suits are also an excellent choice for party wear.

Embroidered Lawn Mahiri 23

Crafted from cambric trousers, chiffon dupattas, and lawn shirts, the collection’s outfits have become daily wear essentials. Some dresses have block printing, and some have light embroideries that look so attractive. Since long kameezes are trending in Pakistani fashion, Cross Stitch has graced this edition with a fair amount of long kameez designs. A beautiful combination of light and dark colours will also look good in the Mahiri collection.

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Small shuttle laces on the neck and sleeves have also been used elegantly and skillfully in the Mahiri collection. We even see the use of laces on the borders of the trousers, which shows that cross-stitch works a lot on the details of its garments. The price of the outfits in the Mahiri collection is very reasonable. Order this readymade casual wear for the entire month today.

Luxe Atelier 23

This is undoubtedly the signature collection of Cross Stitch, whose dresses enhance your charm to a great extent in any event (perfect Pakistani wedding dresses). Its embroidered chiffon long shirts and raw silk shalwars have made Indian and Pakistani girls crazy for Lux Atelier 23. Apart from this, the long attractive tassels hanging on the neck of the shirts and gorgeous embroidery are also the centre of attention of women.

Open gowns, short frocks and floor-length sleeveless kameezes adorn this collection, making Cross Stitch one of its best editions. If we talk about colours, light, dark and vibrant colours are prominent in the outfits, which are undoubtedly considered the life of any event. Besides, we also find sheesha work and small beautiful tassels embellishing the dresses.

Chikankari Lawn Collection By Cross Stitch

The Chikankari technique is ancient. But even today, girls are very fond of dresses with chickenkari work. And if you are one of those desi girls, this latest Cross Stitch collection is for you. You will love the neck designs, shirts, hemline styles and embroidery work in the Chikankari Lawn Collection.

Lawn dupattas have been chosen with lawn shirts while matching cambric trousers. Cross Stitch has kept the price of this collection reasonable, and the quality is also high. And the colours are also very eye-catching. Place your order for a beautiful Chikankari work-rich dress today.

Daily Lawn 23  by Cross Stitch

Presented with short and long shirts, loose-fitting frocks and trousers in various designs is Cross Stitch’s Daily Lawn 23 collection. This collection is undoubtedly a special gift for the summer season. Because its clothes will not only protect you from the heat, but you will also look stylish at the same time. Because all the designs and prints look fantastic. The colours of the small floral patterns are heart-warming.

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