Lehenga Choli: Complete Collection Available

Embroidered Net - Tresor Sophie

Embroidered Net – Tresor Sophie


Embroidered Organza - Lajwanti 526

Embroidered Organza – Lajwanti 526


Embroidered Organza - Shahul 534

Embroidered Organza – Shahul 534


Hand Embellished Net - RWU 23 D3

Hand Embellished Net – RWU 23 D3


Hand Embellished Net - RWU 23 D5

Hand Embellished Net – RWU 23 D5


Embroidered Organza - NL 53 Mahro

Embroidered Organza – NL 53 Mahro


Embroidered Organza - Maroon BD 2705

Embroidered Organza – Maroon BD 2705


Embroidered Organza - Ice Blue BD 2702

Out of stock

Embroidered Organza – Ice Blue BD 2702



Embroidered Chiffon – CH12-03


Korean Raw Silk CHAAND BIBI.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Chaand Bibi


Korean Raw Silk GULSHANARA U 1517.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Gulshanara U-1517


Korean Raw Silk GULRUKH U 1516.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Gulrukh U-1516


Korean Raw Silk GUL POSH.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Gul Posh


Korean Raw Silk NOOR JEHAN.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Noor Jehan


Korean Raw Silk DILRAS BANO.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Dilras Bano


Korean Raw Silk DIVANI U 1512.webp

Korean Raw Silk – Divani U-1512


Embroidered Velvet ZARDOZI LOOK 04.webp

Embroidered Velvet – ZARDOZI LOOK 04



Embroidered Net – 551 Sabat Hayyat



Out of stock

Embroidered Chiffon – 553 Sheemah Hayyat



Embroidered Chiffon – 552 Kamila Hayyat


Table of Contents

Early summer is the season for weddings, most common before Ramadan and after Eid-ul-Fitr. No matter who the wedding is, the lehenga has become the most popular dress among Pakistani clothes in USA. Lehenga Choli for women has been featured so much inBollywood movies that Eastern beauties wear this traditional dress, which also suits them perfectly.

We have a complete collection containing exquisite designs of long lehenga choli online for women and stunning dupattas that women of all ages can wear to various wedding functions.

Lehenga Choli designs are preferred here in USA by women, especially young girls, on special occasions, from Mehndi Mayuns to Barat and Walima. Bright and dark colours are the best choice for weddings and parties. There are numerous options for choli and lehenga fabric like Jamawaar, chiffon, organza, tissue, velvet and silk, china silk, lawn, chamois, etc.

Short choli and fish lehenga, gotta, zardozi, Mukesh, tilla, kora, meticulous hand embroidery, and stonework look radiant. This time we have black, red, maroon, pink, yellow, and green colours introduced on our website according to the season. You will like new designs and premium quality embellishments.

Red has always been the first choice of women, but all these other colours are no longer considered reserved for women of a specific complexion; all colours suit women of all complexions.

The important thing about a short blouse is that if the blouse (upper part of the dress) has intricate embroidery or some work, it is better if the designer lehenga worn with it is not too full of embroidery.

Long Lehenga choli designs

Since the long lehenga choli is the most popular dress code worn at weddings, designers keep introducing new styles and variations. Due to this, this dress has also had diverse variants. Let’s look at some of the trendy and viral designer lehenga choli styles.

  • Floral embroidered lehenga Dress
  • Ruffled Lehenga Dress
  • Peplum Lehenga Dress
  • Lehenga with Saree 
  • Strappy blouse and a ruffled dupatta
  • Half Sleeves with Heart-shape Neck
  • Off-Shoulder Chaniya Choli Design
  • Embellished Tiered Lehenga Dress
  • Lehenga choli with jacket

Floral Embroidered Lehenga Choli

The magic of 3D floral embroidery has been around for a long time. In this technique, attractive 3D flowers of different colours are embellished with great skill. From which the look of lehenga choli looks different. If a girl wears a floral embroidered lehenga at a wedding, she seems no less than a princess. Different shades of light blue, light pink, or green look super stunning in this dress, which leaves the viewer lost in their charm.

Ruffled Lehenga Choli

In this technique, several layers of blouse and lehenga fabric are made, which gives a traditional yet modern look. This trend has also been in the Pakistani fashion industry for a long time. Especially girls who wear Pakistani lehenga Choli make a ruffle look in their dress or buy a readymade ruffle dress online at Shadi Dress. Dark colours, such as dark blue, red, and black, usually look graceful in this design.

Peplum Lehenga Choli

A peplum is a short blouse made in the style of a short frock. In which multiple panels are added to give it a regal and timeless festive look. You can wear peplum with regular trousers, and sharara too. But if it is worn with a lehenga, the peplum’s look is at its peak of beauty. On our online store, you will find a great range of clothes in this design, which you can customize as you wish.

Lehenga with Saree 

We all know how gorgeous a lehenga looks with a saree. Even the saree itself holds a lot of value and dignity in its place. But if it is worn with a long flowy lehenga, not only does it become a unique trend, but its beauty has no limits. Try a lehenga saree to see a beautiful blend of traditional wear and innovation. You will get the same messages saying, “She looked adorable and different at the wedding.”

Strappy Blouse and a Ruffled Dupatta

Consider a Strappy Blouse and a Ruffled Dupatta if you want to wear something unique at your next family wedding. It keeps the shoulders and sleeves see-through while straps hold the blouse elegantly. Panels are also used more than necessary in the lehenga. A lehenga choli has a striking look in this style. You can also add a touch of 3D floral embroidery to the charm of this design.

Off-Shoulder Chaniya Choli Design

Girls who want a classy yet extravagant look often wear Off-Shoulder Chaniya Choli design at their wedding. One shoulder is kept bare in the lehengas of this design. Although we don’t see this style often, this trend has gained little traction. Despite this, girls of Pakistani and Indian origin in the USA sometimes wear lehenga with such a glamorous look.

Embellished Tiered Indian Lehenga Choli

Who doesn’t love a lehenga made in different tiers? Its charm can’t be described in words. Not only does it enhance the beauty of little girls, but young ladies also feel like princesses while wearing it. Due to its long and wide flare and the use of net fabric, its attractiveness is increased to a great extent. At our online store, Shadi Dress, you can find this design Indian lehenga choli in all colours.

Lehenga Choli with Jacket

The fashion of jacket with lehenga choli is familiar. However, this trend only stayed in fashion for a short time. Girls wear this style more fondly in winter. A velvet jacket protects them from the cold weather and looks elegant when styled with a long outfit. Looking at the market, fashion designers have introduced many variations of this style.

Best Colours in Lehenga Choli

While choosing a lehenga choli, special attention is paid to the colour of the blouse and bottom fabric and the colour of the embroidery on the dress. Girls choose colours according to the season, their likes and dislikes, and the occasion. But there are some colours which are highly preferred for every event. We have specifically mentioned them below.

  1. Red Colour Lehenga Designs
  2. Green Colour Lehenga 
  3. Black Colour Lehenga 
  4. Yellow Colour Lehenga 
  5. White Colour lehenga 
  6. Pink Colour lehenga 
  7. Blue Colour lehenga
  8. Purple Colour lehenga 
  9. Lavender Colour lehenga 
  10. Golden Colour lehenga

Red Lehenga Choli Designs

Some stylish women like more work (embellishments like dabka, tilla, Mukesh, Sitara, gotta, sequin, Kiran, resham threads, three dimensional floral encrusts gloriously worked geometrically) on lehengas and cholis, so for them, we have presented several red colour lehenga choli designs which not only have beautiful work on the Choli but also the lehengas are a modern restatement of antique styles with golden floral embroidery. 

Moreover, they are accompanied by stunning tassels on the edge of the dupatta. At the same time, golden flowers enhance the look and feel of the dupatta. This type of Lehenga Choli can be worn by women who love to adorn heavy work dresses.

Green Lehenga Choli

Green goes perfectly with cholis and lehengas from every aspect; one can observe that with some of our lehenga choli designs are plain but have light embroidery on the borders of the sleeves and at the bottom of the hemline. Similarly, we have worked well on both lehenga and Choli in some designs.

The delicate handwork is equally evident in the Pakistani long outfit designs. And suppose this is done with sophistication over a green Pakistani dress. In that case, every girl can easily notice a green Pakistani suit.

Black Lehenga Choli

A few years back, ladies were afraid to wear black colour in weddings as it had many negative connotations. However, in modern times, black color is not considered bad; instead, it is said that “Black is the new white.”

The black lehenga choli designs that we have presented to our valuable customers have been splendidly embroidered. There are elegant shapes, patterns, and flowers on the neck and hem of the blouse. 

The long sleeves of the designs have also been very sophisticatedly embroidered and have gotta-bootie shapes applied to them. Gotta borders on the dupatta, and the lehenga accentuates the flowers.

White lehenga choli

The white colour continues to hold its appeal in long dresses even after a long time. White colour is especially sought after in maxi and lehenga. Girls do not neglect this colour in any way in someone’s marriage. 

The net white lehenga choli with different coloured embroidery on the bodice and bottom completely changes the wearer’s look. The viewer feels as if a fairy has descended from the sky.

Pink Lehenga Choli

Pink is a unique colour palette and delineation in all its shades. Whether it is a baby pink lehenga, dull pink, or dark pink. If the embroidery is done artistically, and the design is also perfect, then there is hardly any cuter outfit than a pink lehenga choli design. Even a maxi can’t compete with a pink choli lehenga. This colour is also the best choice to attend the wedding of a loved one.

Blue Lehenga Choli

It would not be wrong to say that almost all colours look awesome in lehenga choli. But blue is one of the few colours in which the lehenga choli shines like a star in a night event if a highly professional fashion expert works on it. The Sitara and taar work also looks superb on the blue long flowy attire. A blue flowy outfit is also very suitable for a night event.

Purple Lehenga Choli

Purple lehenga choli will be in your good book if you like dark colors. Embroidery on purple chiffon, organza, and net fabrics also looks attractive. We have uploaded at least two hundred purple lehenga dresses to our online store for our customers in the country. 

And all these awe-inspiring outfits are selected by our fashion experts very carefully. We have included only those dresses that are all very classy, sophisticated, and creative designs.

Lavender Lehenga Choli

The lavender colour is the most beautiful shade of purple. Pakistani and Indian women especially wear lavender lehengas at their relatives’ weddings. Our fashion experts say that lavender colour lehengas are one of the best-selling lehengas on our website. 

Girls also like floral embroidery in contrast or exact colour. Famous brands of Pakistan, Sana Safinaz, Maria B, and Asim Jofa, have also introduced lehenga choli designs of this colour.

Yellow Lehenga Choli

Whenever girls shop for wedding dresses, the henna ritual is in their minds. And there is no better option for mehndi day than yellow and green coloured clothes. And if we talk about the bride, the yellow lehenga with green Choli (or kurti) suits the bride more than any other colour combination.

We have silk, zardozi, kora, dabka, and thread work on some yellow lehengas that mesmerize the viewer. Yellow-colored lehenga choli is considered the best mehndi dress.

Golden Lehenga Choli

When discussing bridal lehenga choli, the golden dress comes to mind first. The golden colour has a distinct look and feels to it. For brides, the golden dress has a magical appeal. Because if you get delicate embroidery of silver or golden colour on it, it can mesmerize anyone instantly. 

A red dupatta with a golden lehenga is also very much in fashion. On which the work of light sequences looks captivating. Also, in winter, you can match a golden lehenga with a black velvet dupatta; this is also an excellent combination.

Other Popular Colours in Lehenga Choli

In the case of lehenga, red, gold, green, and all kinds of colours are popular in fashion; you can make and wear any colour lehenga of your choice, traditional embellishment work of Mukesh, gote, mirror, and thread-work kora and dabka. You can make it look attractive by doing it on your lehenga and Choli.

Many designers in our fashion industry are known for creating heavy-duty ensembles, but they are priced accordingly.

All designers’ work styles differ; some Pakistani brands are experts in playing with a colour scheme. However, if you want, you can make your outfit attractive on a budget, keeping in mind your pocket, our fashion experts.

Plus Size Lehenga Choli

Often, plus-size women complain that they can’t find the perfect clothes for their extra size. At our online Pakistani clothing store, you have the facility to customize any of the designs according to your body measurements. Our every single product is available in plus sizes as well. That’s why this option is also available in the plus size Lehenga Choli category. Women of any size can benefit from this option.

Simple Lehenga Choli

There is no denying the fact that simplicity has its beauty. It is also true that when the thought of lehenga choli comes to mind, usually heavy work dresses come to mind. Like bridal lehenga choli or festive lehenga etc. But a simple lehenga choli is also worn by girls fondly because you can wear this dress at a light function or a party at home. A simple lehenga choli doesn’t make you feel cramped due to its loose fit.

Wedding Lehenga Choli

Lehenga has a central position in Pakistani wedding dresses in USA, or understand that with lehenga, the concept of wedding dresses is complete. It feels like this dress is specially made for a wedding. Due to its unique charm and attractiveness, innovations and experiments are seen in the lehenga choli for wedding design day by day. We have a wide range of Wedding Lehenga Choli clothes in readymade condition.

Designer Cotton lehenga choli

Cotton fabric is recognized for its look and feel. If cotton is matched with organza or net to make a lehenga choli, not only does it become an ideal dress for party wear, but you can also wear it as wedding wear with some embellishments. 

What’s better is that you get an endless range of colours in cotton fabric? You can do any matching by getting this fabric easily dyed. We at Sahdi Dress have the most trendy collections of designer cotton lehenga choli at very reasonable prices online.

Banarasi Lehenga Choli

Banarasi lehenga choli is associated with the famous city of Banaras in India. Although the Indian saree woven on the silk brocade of Banaras is more prominent, the lehenga made in Banaras also has its own identity worldwide. 

Girls often ask us about Banarasi lehenga choli because of its attractive block prints, digital prints, and innovative variants. That is why we have also given Banarasi Lehna Choli a dedicated space on our website.

Kids Lehenga Choli

If we talk about lehenga choli and forget the children, then it’s not fair for our little stars. Because apart from the frock suits, this dress also suits them perfectly. However, we have created a separate page on our online store called Pakistani kids clothes, where you can find all kinds of kids’ clothes in all attractive colours in beautiful designs. But we have paid special attention to Kids Lehenga Choli as well. Order a unique girls’ lehenga choli for your little star now.

Lehenga Choli Near Me

Nowadays, every girl wishes to have all the clothing stores right next to her home. She can go and buy the products of his choice whenever she wants. She often searches on Google by typing “lehenga choli near me.” As of now, all life products are online. Therefore, many women can easily buy their desired product at home with a few clicks.

But the problem is that what is shown on the online store is different. Due to this, women’s trust in online stores has decreased. Our fashion experts always strive to ensure that the exact product you see online arrives at your doorstep. And we can proudly say that the feedback from our customers has always been positive in this regard.

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Party Wear Lehenga Choli

Are you preparing to attend a party at a loved one’s or friend’s house? And what to wear to the party? Regarding this, how is the party wear lehenga chol? Cholis and lehengas in light pastel colours with golden embroidery and a dainty net or chiffon dupatta. This dress is the best choice to make your party memorable. Order today.

Readymade Lehenga Choli

Whether it is casual wear, party wear, or wedding wear, all these Pakistani and Indian clothes are available in readymade condition at Shadi Dress as today’s women don’t have time to wander around the market and argue with shopkeepers or explain the details of their outfits to a tailor. 

Girls like to buy every dress in ready-to-wear (stitched) condition. This is why our customers can easily handle stylish Eastern clothes. Instead, this facility is accessible if they want to customize their attire.

Lehenga with Long Choli

If the length of the bodice of the lehenga is extended, the lehenga becomes a kurti. Some girls don’t want to bare their stomachs, so they want to keep the length of the blouse to the starting point of the lehenga. In this design also, we have complete collections of all the primary Pakistani designers.

Modern Lehenga Choli

Everyone is tired of traditional clothes now. Today’s stylish girl looks for innovation and modernism in everything. This is the reason why Pakistani dress designers try to craft something different and unique every time. Almost all Pakistani fashion designers have been making Lehengas for a long time, and we have collected them all on our online store.